Thursday, July 5, 2018

Celebrating America

After celebrating Canada, we decided it was only fair to celebrate America as well. We relaxed with my parents for a few days and on the 4th we celebrated with a trip to the park and a run around the lake. We played with their dog and enjoyed hot dogs and corn on the cob. So American! We drove to a small border town for the best firework show ever. Sora loved it. It was almost worth the traffic on the way home and the 11:30 bedtime to see Sora's adorable reactions to the show.

Sora and I stopeed at a famous waterfall on the way home for a picnic lunch. It is a few minutes off the freeway, so we rarely go there. It was beautiful!

 A happy child watching the fireworks with grandma.
 So close! This was definitely a better view than the fireworks from across the bay in Canada.
 My mom had an impressive collection of flat rocks that we played with. Sora had a lot of fun making unique designs.
 So high on the swing! Sora doesn't have the luxury of swings at her school or home, so they are definitely more of a novelty than for some children. She was working on being courageous and jumping off of the swing this weekend when she fell flat on her face. She bounced back quickly, but there are definitely a few marks left over from her fearlessness.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Canada Day

Somehow I miraculously talked my dad into joining us in Vancouver for Canada day. Traffic was perfect and we had a great time (although my dad will never admit it)!

Here are some highlights:
 The splash park had a free waterslide. It was amazing.
 There was free face painting. Sora was so excited although the finished product wasn't too impressive (it was free though).

 A sign after my own heart! I'd love to see this sign in my hometown so I wouldn't seem like the crazy lady who won't let her daughter feed bread to the ducks.

 The "music park" was pretty cool.
 And the Kids Market had an arcade.

And of course there was some Canada pride. In addition to all of this fun, there was also a parade, lots of food and cool things at various markets to look at. At night, we headed out to see the fireworks. We watched them from the US across a large bay, so the fireworks were pretty low in the sky but Sora loved them which was the important part.

Summer time

Sora and I decided to celebrate summer by going to my parents house for a week. Before that, she spent a week going to a clay day camp and hanging out with her grandparents. 

Here is a glimpse at our summer so far:
 Playground break on the long drive to my parents.

 Intricate designs with my old pattern blocks.

 Reading Watership Down with dad. They have been working on this book for a long time!

 Hair cuts!
 So. much. reading.
 Sora's favorite pizza joint.
Incredibles 2 in the theaters with grandma!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Violin Recital

Sora had her spring violin recital this week to wrap up our super busy season. Two grandmas were able to come and Kyle even made a surprise cameo. Sora chose to wear her ballet dress and did an excellent job performing. It is amazing how much she has learned in the past school year! 

And in case you love hearing 9 year olds playing the violin, here is the first part of Sora's performance:

Sora loves dogs and has been wanting to walk dogs at the humane society for a while. We finally did this afternoon and it was lovely. We chose a small dog that wasn't barking when we walked by. It was a little timid and not really interested in walking much, but we got some good pointers for walking dogs, and we gave the dog a lot of extra love. 

 I wanted to bring him home but instead decided that we could come walk more dogs tomorrow! We turned in an application for fostering dogs, so we might have some dogs stay at our house for a bit this fall, but even if we don't we will be walking dogs and visiting the humane society on the regular from now on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dance Recital

Because no one can get enough videos of a 9 year old dancing ballet.


Moving Up

Sora's school celebrates the end of each 3 year cycle with a moving up ceremony. Sora started at the end of the first 3 year cycle as a 5-6 year old, and now she is at the end of the second 3 year cycle as an 8-9 year old. She was excited for the annual tradition as well as our annual shaved ice tradition but was a little bummed that Kyle has been too busy with camp to join us. To be fair, Kyle has never been there for this ceremony - this is a crazy time of year for him!

Now summer break is in full swing. We still have a busy day tomorrow with Sora's violin recital, but then we can relax and enjoy our summer (as much as we can while we are up at camp most of the time).

 Sora with her teachers that she has had for the past 3 years.

 Sora at field day chillin' in a pool.
 Sora's lunch from our tree - cherries, cherries and more cherries!

Oh, also this past weekend my parents came to town. We went for a hike and they watched Sora's ballet recital.

I didn't get any good photos but will post the video soon. She had so much fun that she wants to keep dancing for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Passion Project

 Sora did her passion project on Italy this year since girl pop stars was too specific and Sora thinks she's part Italian (news flash - she is not). She did some extra work at home by making a salt dough map of Europe and sewing her own skirt. She wanted me to buy her Italian fashion and I talked her into making her own skirt instead. She sewed most of it herself - I just did the waist - and she picked out some fabulous lace to put on the bottom.

Kyle had to miss Sora's performance because he has an accident at work involving chlorine at the pool and spent some time resting at the hospital. It is just a few short blocks from our house so Sora and I got to visit him a lot more than we typically would since he is up at camp a lot these days. He got to enjoy Sora's speech on Facebook Live thanks to Sora's teachers. Here is her speech so that you can enjoy it as well: