Monday, April 23, 2018

Creative Child

After we got home from Mexico, we had no choice but to cut Sora's hair. Lucky for her, it's adorable. Lately, she has been really noticing random details, like the signs for the STEM program at the library which she forced me to take her to (and the details of the Monopoly at Safeway but that's another story). This week the theme was robots and Sora was so excited to create Garcia 2.0.

 We had to use a little hot glue at home to fully attach all the parts to her guard robot.

A note from Sora after a bath the other day:
Playing with a friend at a park:

 Sora's constantly making paper designs. I recycle many of then, but had to take a picture of Curl Girl first.
 Such excellent super powers!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring Break volume 2

Thursday we headed to Isla Mujeras. We took a long bus ride to the port, during which Sora read, of course. 

 On the island, we went to a turtle farm.

 Sora got to feed the turtles and watch all the fish and birds fight with the turtles over the food.
 There was a small Maya ruin on the tip of the island, which was also just a beautiful view!

 We went snorkeling and Sora used her awesome mask. We saw 23 kinds of fish.
 To get around on the island, we got to drive in a golf cart. Kyle was in his element for sure.
 Sora had a long list of things to do in Cancun. One of them was to play games, so Friday morning we played a strange game of Monopoly.
 Sora also spent a lot of time in the pool.
 There was this pretty awesome Maya museum and ruins on the hotel strip of Cancun.
There were also some strange but beautiful dragon sculptures.

 After the museum, we hit up Playa Delfines. There were no dolphins, but it was a beautiful beach. Sora played with Kyle in the waves.

 And then the two of us worked on a big sand castle. The sand at the beaches in Cancun is the most beautiful white fine sand I've ever seen.
 We also took advantage of a photo op. The color of the sky looks so photoshopped! It really is that beautiful.
 Saturday we finally had to leave. We spent a lot of our morning at the pool.
 We got to the airport super early. Kyle is reading Watership Down to Sora, so they had time to read a few chapters while we waited for the plane.
When we started taxiing away from the gate, someone got sick and we had to turn around and let them off (and their checked baggage). While of course being sick is super unfortunate, it did add some extra time to our flight. We ended up getting to our house around 1:45 Sunday morning. We spent the day recuperating from our vacation and are almost ready for school and work tomorrow. Another great spring break trip in the books.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring break volume 1

My wonderful parents spent their vacation with us this spring break. We flew to Cancun on Sunday, but not without Sora's first pedicure (and my mom's first 3 generation pedicure) first.

On Monday we spent the day trying to find a specific market and were overwhelmed with local culture and customs (mostly the kind where people try to get you to go to their store or restaurant in an aggressive way that we are not used to living in the US). We also took the bus around town which Sora loved.

Tuesday we visited Chichen Itza. We went on a tour that left at 4:45 a.m. This is crazy early, but was actually worth it since the weather was cooler and it was way less crowded than when we were leaving. It was fascinating and we were all interested to some degree. The Mayan culture is fascinating and I am looking forward to making Sora learn more.

We saw a a beautiful sunset during dinner and Sora and my mom got to try the big wheel.
Wednesday we spent most of our time at a water slide park. We also did some light zip lining and rode a a few rides. My parents thought ahead and bought us the all inclusive drink package. Very thoughtful and totally worth it! Pina coladas for everyone!

Friday, March 9, 2018


Sora and Kyle have been hard at work at their own podcast. It is fascinating for me to listen to their thoughtful conversations and is a reminder of how grown up Sora is getting! If you haven't had a chance, you should check it out! It is here on Castbox. After you sign in, you might need to search for their podcast by channel name - Learning Life Together Forever. Enjoy this adorableness!

Saturday, February 24, 2018


One of the many cool things about Sora's school is that every winter they go skiing 6+ Fridays for PE. Sora has been going for the past 3 years now, and I love going to the mountain as a family! She keeps right up with me, and loves the same blue runs that I do. She's a little more into the mogul runs than I am, as a snowboarder, but that's understandable. When they go for PE, they are required to take a lesson in the morning and after lunch they split up with chaperones. Kyle has gone a number of times, which makes me a little jealous, but I love that they get that special time together. 

We don't get to the mountain as a family very often, but we were able to sneak away recently and try Snoqualmie as a family. It was way overpriced, and I doubt we will be back, but we had a good time (well, Sora and I did - Kyle got hurt and was stressed about work as always).
 We went out for dinner in Roslyn at a bookstore / fancy restaurant. It was a match made in heaven!

Sora's school only has one more trip this year, which means our ski season is winding down for now.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Turning 9

Sora has had a resurgence of puzzle love lately. All of the puzzles we have are 100 pieces and are fairly simple for her, so we bought a 500 piece puzzle to do as a family. I thought that Kyle would be terrible at this kind of thing since he is color blind, but he was the best of all of us. Somehow when we were finished, we were missing 1 piece. It was very anticlimactic.
And then Sora turned 9. For her birthday, Kyle bought breakfast from the nearby Mexican bakery and I took her out to a European bakery for after school treats. We also went to her favorite restaurant (the one with the pizza dough to play with). She wrote "Thank you for the delicious food" in cursive on the paper table cloth. The owner walked by and loved it.
 Sora had another sleep over party, much like last year. Sora helped by mopping the floor.

This year we just stayed home and the girls made a movie. It took a while for them all to agree on what to do, so they didn't actually film the movie until the next day. They did all paint props together.
We didn't have a cake, but the girls made milkshakes instead with a milkshake mix-in bar.

Since there was no cake, the candles were tricky. I did find a few in a closet somewhere... 
 Then, just yesterday, we came home from school and Sora found a box on the porch. Her uncle, aunt and cousins sent her a present - it was such a surprise, especially since it was late, that it was even better than if it was on time! It was an edible science kit. Sora played with it all afternoon and made some disgusting, edible things.

We went to the doctor and Sora is a totally normal 9 year old. She's a little small, but that has always been the case. She is getting braver and had 2 violin performances at school this week (for a preschool class and for her own class) that she was very excited about. Her favorite TV show is Miles from Tomorrowland or Inspector Gadget. Her favorite colors involve gold and silver. She is forever saying the most grown up phrases which we all love to hear.