Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mt. Rainier

The pictures from our trip loaded with the newest first, so I will try to tell this story backwards.

We left our trip to the National Park early. We did get a final glimpse at the mountain, but it was hidden by clouds the rest of our trip. Also on the way out, Sora became a Jr. Ranger and we went to a short Jr. Ranger program on soil.

 We went backpacking. Sora's Lottie doll (Laura) got to join us.
 We ate a delicious meal of bacon clam chowder with forbidden rice.
 We didn't actually get to stay at our reserved backpacking site, so we hiked for a mile with very heavy backpacks and had to turn around and go back to the car.
 Due to hazardous trees, all the sites were closed (which would have been convenient to know the morning before when the ranger let us reserve a site).
 Sora carried a very heavy pack and even our tent. She got a lot of admiring looks from adults.
 We saw a beautiful waterfall.
 We had peanut butter on Monday (like a camp song that was sung a lot this summer).
 There were a lot of giant trees.
 And 2 suspension bridges.
 We had to leave after 1 night and go to camp to switch cars with Kyle because our SUV got a nail in the tire and was slowly losing air pressure. Thankfully our cars are both new and have this amazing feature where they tell you the air pressure of each tire. Otherwise, we might have woken up the next morning with a flat tire.
 Lots of very short walks and hikes and enjoying rocks, trees, and logs.
 Sora was also memorized by maps and flowers.
 Suspension bridge #2.

 Before we left, it was Holiday week at camp. Sora had fun during our Holi celebration.
 We also relaxed for a few hours at home. Sora chose to swing in her tent and watch tv on the iPad.
 I chose to make oat bran kale carrot raisin current muffins - just to remind myself and Sora of how we really eat after a summer of typical camp food. Kyle likes to think it is healthy, but it is definitely not oat bran kale carrot raisin current muffin healthy.
Now we are visiting my parents for a few days before heading back home and starting our school year "real life" routine.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Surviving the Heat

Luckily we have been in the mountains most of the summer so we haven't had to deal with the heat too much.

We keep trying to go to the outdoor city pool to cool off, but somehow it is always too full! Instead, today we explored a new playground.
 The plastic was almost too hot to touch!
 We bought a new car - our second car was Kyle's grandma's car and had served us well for the 4 years we've been back in WA, but we finally upgraded to one of the tiniest 4 doors on the market. It is just my size! Sora loves it too because it fits her so perfectly.

 It took forever at the dealership, which is how we wasted most of last weekend (boo).
 Sora dyed her hair purple. It's hard to tell, but the tips of her hair are a tad lavender in this photo. It was a wash out dye (up to 7 days) and it came out as soon as she swam in the camp pool, but it was cool while it lasted.
 Enjoying blueberries from our yard. Our garden was very overgrown and underloved this summer, but luckily the fruit bushes and trees didn't mind too much.
 A lot of sprinkler time (of course)
 Water balloons even made an appearance.
 We have had a lot of cool treats this summer - fro yo, gelato, Mexican popsicles, and shaved ice to name a few!
 Oh, I forgot - we also went horse camping earlier this summer. My dad thinks Sora is ready to ride on her own later this summer. For now though, she had to be led or share with her cousin (which was not wildly popular with either of them).

Friday, July 21, 2017

Oregon State Beaches

One of Sora's cousins came to visit this summer from Michigan, and we took advantage of the fun by going to the beach!

Sora chose clip on earrings for her souvenir (but promptly lost them - typical).
 The girls played in the ocean every day, even though it was freezing cold!

 Sora also loved to play in the sand.

It is tricky to take vacations during the summer, so Kyle wasn't able to join us, but this was an excellent girls get away!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Camp AKA Sora's Second Home

Sora mostly loves being the camp mascot. This summer, she stayed in a cabin for two separate weeks, and got to see 5 of her cousins. 

She liked pop shop (where she spent most of our hard earned money on mood rings)
 playing ga-ga ball (when her competitiveness didn't get in the way)
 using her awesome backpack (my old one) for her cabin's overnight adventure to a very nearby campground
 cleaning the cabin (really sweeping the forest)
 and all around being silly and crazy.
The staff love her, which is definitely a job requirement, and I think we have met several new babysitters for this upcoming school year between the CITs and younger staff members!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


So, we aren't home much this summer, but we did manage to find a short tennis clinic for Sora. She went for 2 weeks and LOVED it. I'm hoping she can go again next year. After her class was done each day, she begged to hit the ball against the wall. I loved tennis in high school and can totally relate to wanting as much practice as possible.
 We stayed home for a few days for tennis clinic while Kyle was up at camp. I reminded Sora that she has buckets full of toys she never plays with. Here is a rare moment with the play mobil.
 They are all sunning after a big picnic.
 There is order within the chaos - just like in her room!
 One of the reasons we stayed home for tennis was also for Sora's dentist appt. She hates going, but when she realized we already put it off for 4 extra months due to our crazy schedule, she was easily talked into having a good attitude. The poor kid hates mint and apparently there was a lot of mint taste involved. She didn't have any cavities, which means Kyle and I are doing something right with our constant flossing and mouth wash. Hopefully our routine can continue to make up for her terrible dental genetics!