Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snowshoeing Extravaganza

A few pictures from life lately:

Sora, busily editing her friend's story. They created a movie during her sleepover and her friend continued the story through a screen play. Sora is a phenomenal speller, so here she is correcting her friend's spelling.
Charging up her glow in the dark pajamas.
Enjoying a cinnamon roll at Dakota Cafe after spending the night at grandma's.
We went snowshoeing with the US Forest service as part of a kid's program. Sora was excited while at the same time tired and annoyed. The rangers asked a lot of questions, which all the other children answered while Sora rolled her eyes over the juvenile content (although it wasn't that bad).
For some reason, there was a lot of sitting on the ground.

We bought Sora these sweet snowshoes a few years ago in Wisconsin. It's nice to know they still work (although they fell off a lot). I didn't bring mine because I was hoping they had nicer ones to borrow. Ironically, they were the exact same ones!
Sora was motivated to do some more snowshoeing, so hopefully we will be going soon with Kyle (and without other children who dominate the conversation in ways Sora does not appreciate).

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Turning 8

I decided for some reason to let Sora invite 4 little girls over to have a sleepover for her 8th birthday. I honestly thought some would decline, but we had a full house and it went better than expected. The girls had a blast! After a lot of playing (they chose to create their own horror movie which was more comedy than horror) and making pizza, we headed to the ice rink. Sora helped her friends skate and loved how her body just remembered what to do from last winter.
Ice skating while showing grace and courtesy to a friend
Sora's birthday pavlova
Right after Sora's friends left, her grandparents arrived for another party. We gave Sora a robot (she requested a remote control car, and the programmable robot also had a remote, so it was the perfect gift). She had to help Kyle put it together.

She also requested a sled, which my parents provided. She had a lot of fun in the backyard (other than when she rammed the fence and the trees). Kyle built a berm to protect them from each other and Sora built a jump.
Her actual birthday was last Tuesday. She chose to get her presents on Saturday but we gave her one on her birthday (the cheetah print dress).
She also requested cottage cheese pancakes with sprinkles.
I can't believe my tiny child is now 8 years old, but I'm sure every parent says that with every birthday. She is still funny, and is learning a lot of new tricks (piano, Spanish, and ukulele are some of the things she has been practicing at home). She likes blue, purple, black and grey. She still eats like a horse but is slightly picky about certain ingredients (she doesn't like brussels sprouts - can you believe it?). She is an amazing speller and reader but math isn't her favorite. She is timid but loves to hug everyone she knows. She is a fierce competitor and is very upset when she loses. She is goofy and complex and knows her way around my music on the phone. That's Sora in a nutshell - amazing and diverse!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sporty Sora

Our January flew by. Between ski trips to White Pass, for fun and school, a swim meet, lots of snow days and delayed starts, the book sale, and being sick, there hasn't been a lot of downtime lately.

Some highlights lately (in reverse order):

Skiing as a family at White Pass. The first time EVER that the three of us have gone and skied (or snowboarded) all day. Sora rode every lift (except the bunny hill)!

 Such a beautiful view and such a gorgeous day!

Sora's first swim meet. She didn't do very well (compared to the others in her division), but she hasn't been swimming long and it was a great learning experience. (I should note that she wanted to do this meet, which is the only reason we went. I would have been happy to never have driven to Moses Lake to watch my 7 year old swim for less than 5 minutes). She is so uber competitive that she was very upset later when she realized she didn't win any ribbons. She swam 25 yards of breast stroke, freestyle, and back stroke.
We were totally unprepared for the day long adventure. Sora had fun, but if we do another meet we will know about the blankets and chairs and other entertainment that are apparently prerequisites. She did say she had fun, and that's what really matters to us.

 Cooking with dad. Sora is an aficionado at scents and seasonings.
 Women's March. Sora was nervous when people wanted to take her picture, so here is Kyle reassuring her. I made his awesome sign, of course.

 We met up with a friend of Sora's and she was much more confident after they joined us.
 Making the sign for the march (her idea).
 Testing out a science experiment I was doing with my kindergarten students (lighting a lightbulb).
 On one of the snow days Sora actually played with toys. Since all she ever does is read (unless one of us is actively engaged with her), this was kind of a miracle.

 Sora was the children's librarian at the book sale. Look at the shelf behind her. Everything had a specific place and she was upset when the other volunteers "ruined" her section by trying to also place books in it. Kyle sold over $6,000 in books that were priced at $.75-$1.50. Amazing!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kyle's Birthday

We have had a busy January so far! Kyle bought new glasses, so of course we all had to try them on.
 We bought Ticket to Ride Jr. which is an awesome family game. Kyle likes building tiny trains and Sora likes winning. Fun for all!
 We made new year's goals. Sora's are pretty amazing. I put piano and Spanish on her list. SHe added things like "I will not hurt other's feelings" and "bathe every other day".
 She also decorated the covers of both of our journals. As you can tell, she is way into cursive at the moment.
 To celebrate Kyle's birthday, we went out to a Korean restaurant. Sora ordered Korean sushi. It was delicious!
 There was a reading/snuggle fest, as always.
 And we went bowling. Sora had never been before and she seemed to love it!

 To celebrate even more, we had a snow day on Monday. Kyle had to work, so Sora and I celebrated without him. This is our first snow day in the three years we have lived in Yakima.

 After much outside entertainment, Sora and I had to break out the creative works and made some oil pastel drawings.
 And finally here is a photo of Sora before swim team practice. She recently got new goggles, a new swim cap, and a new swim suit. Adorable! (*since Kyle reminds me that there are no photos in the locker room I want to assure everyone that this was the only photo, all participants are fully clothed, and have waver forms on file).

Monday, January 2, 2017


Sora is becoming a budding ballerina. Since she started lessons in October she practices her dance moves every chance she gets.
We did a count down to Solstice. I simplified it this year - I am accepting the fact that we can't do everything we used to do in December that we did when we lived in WI and Sora and I were home every day. It feels good to let go of that pressure.
Sora and I at the holiday symphony. She is rocking a very fancy skirt to make up for the casual shirt.
Sora is always the guinea pig for my projects at work. This means that over break she got to try out drawing with crayons on a warm hot plate. It was a success (and something she did when she was 4).
On the 31st of each month Baskin Robbins has a sale. Sora was stoked to go on new year's eve together.
We spent a lot of time snuggling and reading over break.
Sora in front of her grandma McPherson's tree. Notice the ballet pose (and the "unders" that she wore almost a week straight).
And my favorite selfie of winter break!

School starts back tomorrow, which means no more sleeping in until 8 or later (a skill Sora was finally beginning to understand) and not wearing the same pajamas for multiple days. It might be a rough transition for the poor kid (and the rest of us).