Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

As many of our fans have inquired about our winter conditions, we wanted to update you and let you know that we are both happy and warm.  This is a great time of year to live so close to so many urban services (like being able to walk to the grocery store and Target).  Luckily, we were well prepared with our Christmas gifts and were able to avoid the huge crowds that we saw driving around the mall.

While we are both excited about the snow and are still hoping for the full 3" that were promised for today, we are still happy with the 4" we got overnight (and the 2 other separate 2" snowfalls we received earlier).  We are also happy we have electric heat and insulated windows - this is a huge step up from our large single paned windows and oil heat in our old apartment.

Although we have ventured out of our house quite a bit over the last few days (Friday consisted of each of us going to work, and two doctor's appointments for Maleah, while Saturday we went to Issaquah to have a mini-Christmas with Kyle's folks), we haven't tried to dig out the car today.  We did go outside to enjoy the snow - Kyle built a snowboarding jump while Maleah jealously just snowshoed around the yard.  Whatever the weather holds for the next few days, at least we know we'll be warm and relatively entertained!

As far as the doctor update, there isn't much to update you on.  Maleah is currently seeing her doctor every other Friday until the end of January.  Everything is still looking great and is on track for our February arrival.  We are going to baby school next weekend which will hopefully ease Maleah's concerns about labor and Kyle's concerns about cutting the umbilical cord. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Team Facility Upgrade

Hello all you wonderful fans. The Team McPherson facilities department would like to announce the most recent upgrade to the team headquarters. We have purchased a futon couch for all of our guests here at the headquarters. I am pictured below resting after a hard day on this new couch. As you can se it is not a giant couch but it will fold out into a nice little bed. So for all of you that are expecting and wishing to stay with us after are new rookie joins us this is all yours. The Team Captain showed off her amazing crafting skills by whipping up the slip cover that you see in the picture. She went to the store and bought some material and then twenty minutes later I am sitting on a soft new cover. 

Also the PR department has released this new picture of the team. We have been using some home medical equipment to listen in on our little girl.  Take care and have a safe holiday season.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Team Mcpherson Enjoys the Holiday

Hello all you fantastic fans. All of us at the Team McPherson headquarters would like to wish you a happy holidays. We have returned to work today after taking a fantastic team holiday over in Ellensburg. Coach Kyle's favorite holiday. We had some fantastic food and lots of laughs. All members of the team ate far too much for three days in a row. Other than the terrible thrashing the Seahawks took, it was a perfect vacation. Thank you all for the fun and food. 

The Public Relations department would like to notify you all that Coach Kyle and the team captain are both feeling our young rookie kicking and moving each night. Just as Maleah is settling down to sleep, our future star begins a ten to fifteen minute workout. This just shows you the discipline and dedication to winning that she is going to have. The team trainers and scouts are confident she will have the strength of ten babies upon birth. Management will warn all of the doctors and nurses, so that they take the necessary precautions so no one gets hurt. 

Also we have a new exclusive picture of our latest piece of training equipment, thanks to team boosters from the Barneycastle family. This equipment was selected by the team captain for it's safety and superior storage options. 

Take care all and keep on cheering for your favorite team of goofballs. Only three months left.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Training Equipment

Team Captain, doing well

Things have been a little quiet on the Team Mcpherson front, mainly because the rookie is just quietly growing and awaiting her big debut.  Team management is happy to report that there have been very few uncomfortable side effects due to the new star's growth spurts.

Now that the starting day is just three months away, the team has begun to busily gather training materials, equipment, and other important supplies and the training room is coming together.

We have gotten training supplies from a variety of team boosters and would like to thank them all for their continued support (although more formal thank yous will still be coming).  The training room is constantly being redesigned to fit all of the equipment and supplies.  Here is the room before the design team arrived:

And our latest training equipment, from some of management's favorite boosters:

Player development report from the Fetus leagues:  The rookie is now over 2 lbs., and over 1' long.  She is now able to distinguish light from dark, which Kyle is looking forward to exploring more in depth.  She is beginning to become quite active and is strengthening her muscles by kicking and punching often.  The nightly ritual by team management of reading her training manual aloud so that she can grasp key concepts before her debut continues.  

Thank you again for your continued support, and look for more frequent updates as the big day draws near.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scouting the Rookie Factory

Team McPherson Mini Product Endorsement: Big bold signs pointing to restrooms for our team captain so that she's never too far from the restroom.  Very essential when entering new buildings.

In preparation for the arrival of our rookie, the team management recently took a tour of the rookie-producing ward of our local hospital.  It was much smaller than we had imagined (I guess our rookie really is special after all), and it was very reassuring to see how supported the team captain will be, and to hear a little about the role of the team coach.  The team management will be attending more functions at the hospital in the upcoming months to further prepare for the rookie's arrival. 

Pumpkin Picking in EBURG

So every once in awhile the Team McPherson crew loads up the team bus and heads east of the mountains. We have some rabid fans out in central washington. This last weekend we spent a wonderful day looking for the perfect team pumpkin with the Barneycastle clan. It was a little windy and cold but you can see that the team captain has found her prize and is full of smiles. We have had some complaints from fans that the team headquartes has not been festive enough over the past few years' holidays. So starting with this halloween we are set on embracing the spirit of fun. Our new rookie will get to enjoy all of the fantastic holiday traditions that team management can think of. Thank you all and keep up the support.


Team McPherson Training Room

There are many aspects that go into training of a young star.  We have begun getting the skeletons of a rigorous gymnasium together to help our budding rookie learn early.  After much contemplation about style and color, the team owners decided upon an appropriate training room theme.  The Team Engineer has constructed and refurnished some of the main equipment and the Team Designer has selected Target-themed linens to help the young athlete reach her potential.  All in all, things in the training room are coming together nicely.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Half Way There!

It's official! We are at the 20 week mark and only have 20 short weeks to go! As each day goes by, the team is more excited to meet it's rookie (as are most of our fans, I'm sure). At this point, the fetus is mostly developed and is fine tuning her skills. She is developing her permanent adult teeth (a little early, I know), and is apparently able to differentiate between morning, afternoon, and nighttime. I haven't felt her kicking quite yet, but am sure to any day now. Not only is our little star growing rapidly, but so am I. The past two weeks seem to have been a growth spurt for my mid-section and strangers and co-workers are finally beginning to tell. I had my first stranger approach me about being pregnant on Wednesday night, which was very reassuring to know that I do look pregnant to the masses and not just massive. The entire team has recently taken up water aerobics as a means to cross train throughout the pregnancy which seems to be working well, although I am rapidly outgrowing my suit and will need a more appropriate one soon.

Taken this morning.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nursery News

As you know, the reason we moved into our new home is so that our rookie would have an appropriate training area. While very little has been obtained for our nursery as of yet, we do have some early pictures to show you. My mother brought over a structure that we will be using as a dresser (as soon as we purchase a few more "drawers"), and it has been set up and looks great. It's a nice start (although it may be painted once we have more furniture and I decide that it clashes...).

I also have a bonus picture of our house, for those of you who haven't been able to stop by and visit yet!

Team McPherson Product Endorsment #2

Well hello there all of you fantastic fans. We at Team McPherson headquarters wish you all the best. We have had great support from everyone over the last few months. Things have settled down in our schedules and we are hunkering down in our new home to have a great winter.

The Team McPherson marketing department is excited to announce that we have signed another fabulous product to our team. As shown above our pregnant team captain has been working hard at hunting down the best dessert to represent our team. The winner has been found and we are officially endorsing chunky ice cream. Many specific flavors have qualified to make the approved list. The best selection of chunky ice cream seems to be mint chip. Any way I hope you are all doing well. Eat some chunky ice cream and be happy.

The vice president of player personnel would like to announce that as of this week our new female star is ten inches in length and almost a pound.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Night at the Opera

In our efforts to expose our little fetus to all sorts of cultural events, I went to see the Phantom of the Opera today with my mom and grandma. My grandma and I went to the opera a few years ago to see Don Giovanni and I LOVED it (much to Kyle's dislike - I would never ask him to take me to the opera, but now I think he's nervous that I might!). Luckily for him, I wasn't as taken with the Phantom as I was with Don Giovanni. No word yet on how the rookie felt about the experience, but I think we were both pretty cold since we sat in the back row near the air conditioner.

Something I do like though, as many of you know, is knitting. Now that we know we're expecting a girl, knitting is a lot more fun! I will wait to show pictures on this blog of my knit projects until there is a baby inside of them (although if you're dying to know, you can check out my knitting blog). Just know that this is the beginning of the knitting era, which will hopefully last another 5 months or so...

We received an early Christmas present for our PR department, so look for more frequent, better-quality photographs (including the one above of my mom and grandma before the opera)!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Team McPherson Product Endorsement #1

Okay so Team McPherson Advertising Department has announced the first ever official product of this years pregnancy.  The team captain has developed a strong relationship with Pita Pit.
Yes the fantastic Pita chain has hooked up with your favorite team to bring you this fantastic partnership. Maleah has a special deal with Pita Pit to pitch their tuna pita with extra honey mustard. This is her obsession as of late. On a side note I love the turkey pita. Anyway along with bubble tea Pita Pit is all Team McPherson is eating these days. Take care all of you fantastic fans and have a Pita for me. 

Also the PR department has released a bonus pic of the team captain. Enjoy. 


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The First Training Book

Hello all of you wonderful Team McPherson fans. The Team Captain and I decided to share an updated picture with you all. As you can see she is looking much more pregnant. As the president of player development I decided that it was time to purchase our first training manual for our little princess. We went to the team research archive (Barnes and Noble in Northgate) and spent a few teary and laugh filled hours looking for the perfect book. The final choice was made by the Team Captain of course.
The Training process began right away. Some training staffs might wait until she actually joined us. Fear not - our team trainers have been relentless in their in utero repetitions with this breakthrough training book. Our trainers assure us that with this training, our rookie will go to sleep more easily when read this book out of utero. Our team captain will be keeping a chart to verify the accuracy of this claim.
Anyway we're doing good. Maleah is less tired and more moody and Kyle is happy no matter what happens. We love life and all of the unpredictable moments of pregnant life.

Thank you all for your support.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Maternity Clothes

As Kyle mentioned, we did find out that our baby is healthy and is a girl! Things are looking up. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my wardrobe. I am officially in maternity clothing now. Apparently things have come a long way in the past few decades, but it's still hard finding inexpensive maternity clothes for a woman of my stature (aka short)! I should expect this, though, because it's a truth when I fit into regular clothes as well. I'm hoping that it doesn't get too cold this winter, since a coat for one winter seems like such a waste. I was lucky enough to find a skirt and pants at a consignment store that fit me, and I also found some jeans that are only a touch too long (which is actually an accomplishment, sadly). My mom ordered some more clothes online for me, so hopefully they will arrive soon, and I will have at least 4 outfits to wear!

Luckily, I can still fit into pre-maternity tops for now, though, so hopefully I can milk that for as long as possible!

Healthy and Ready to Shop

Thank you all for checking in on Team McPherson. The team's leadership is really having a great day. Earlier today we had an extra doctor appointment to double check some previous test results that had us a little concerned. After the long weekend of worrying the Team Captain was in need of some positive news from the new team specialist. This morning's meetings with the doctor gave us the positive news we were hoping for. It looks like the young new rookie is right on track as far as becoming the sensational team star that you are all excited for next year. During the check up we received some exciting and unexpected news. So the Team McPherson public relations department has asked us to officially announce that we are going to be signing a long term contract with a healthy and beautiful little girl.

Everyone that was excited for a girl: congratulations! Those of you hoping for a boy: the Team McPherson administrators encourage you to jump on board and throw your support to our new little girl. The PR department has also released the newest set of pictures. As you can see our little girl is going to be an impressive kicker. Look at that little leg and arm go.
The team leadership has settled on a name for this young lady. We will not be releasing this information until she joins us. We have been authorized to tell you what the leading boy name was at the time of this last check up. If she had been a boy he would have been named Holden Thomas McPherson. Thank you all for your support and keep on keepin' on.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Official: Part Deux

Today we had our second check up with the team doctor.  She gave us a new official date to expect our rookie: February 24, 2009 will be the long awaited first at bat.  Mark this on your calendars fans, as there is a 1 in 20 chance that our rookie will actually join us on that day!  Our doctor also reassured us that we're on track and all of our preliminary test results are looking fine. The team captain is healthy and growing at an appropriate rate.  We had the pleasure of hearing the future star's strong heartbeat which was also reassuring.  The PR department would like to remind you that the rookie's gender will be announced on September 25th so that you can start buying gender-appropriate onesies. Team Mcpherson will of course appreciate all items that promote our fellow local sports franchises. Seriously though thank you for all of your support. The team photographer has been on vacation but we will replace him and get you some new and improved images of all the wacky happenings here at team headquarters.

That's all for now folks.  Stay tuned for more photos and updates coming soon.

Team Captain Maleah

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Team's New Facility

So as promised the business office at Team McPherson has finally released to the public the first images of the new team headquarters. We are happy to share our excitement over this new and improved facility. With a huge yard and nice wood floors the new house should make a wonderful space for the team as we grow and add our player. Also the new place comes with a old wood building out back that I have converted into the man cave. It is the first time I have had an area just for manly stuff. We will be hosting a press release party in early Sept. to welcome all of our fantastic fans to our great new house. As you can see the fetus and the team captain really enjoy the comfortable couch located in our wonderful team living room. Take Care.
The picture below is the future nursery room. It is very bland right now but just wait.


Fetus' first road trip

So the office of Team Mcpherson has received many complaint letters regarding the lack of information posted on our website. In order to keep all of you rabid fans happy we have decided to update you on what has been going on. There has not been much in the way of new information on our upcoming star player to share. However there has been big happenings for the team. The rookie is still plodding along in the fetus leagues, putting up good stats and staying on track. As you can see above, the team captain and I recently took the new recruit to Birch Bay for a celebration with the Pullars. The Pullars are big boosters of the organization. We had a great time taking the whole team to the swimming pool and the beach.

The team captain has been doing well. She has been exhausted less after her intensive one on one work outs with the fetus league star. She has been lucky to be getting sick less. It has helped that she recently went on a fun maternity clothes shopping trip. All in all the fetus is growing and we at Team McPherson could not be happier.

Soon we will have an update on our new and improved team headquarters. Also the public relations department would like to remind all of you that the next round of medical evaluations will be taking place on September ninth. So stay tuned for more specific information after that.

That is all for now. Stay loud and Proud. We appreciate all of your support.


Friday, August 1, 2008

We have arms and legs folks

So as we previously announced the team doctors took a good deep look at our fetus league star. We have included two of the best images from the ultrasound. It was an exciting session with the ultrasound tech. Maleah and I got to see a strong heartbeat that is firing along at 180 beats per minute. The highlight of the experience was seeing the baby move it's arms and legs. I am pretty sure we have a future boxer on the Team. Anyway after the full inspection of fetus and Maleah the team doctor has moved the date that we can expect the little Sugar Ray Leonard to join us to Feb. 25th. Everything was looking healthy overall. 

Also as always we have an important announcement from the public relations department. As of the end of this month the Team McPherson Headquarters will be relocating to the Northgate Area. We are excited to be gaining more space to accommodate our upcoming addition to the team. So thank you for your continued support and remember that real Team McPherson fans are loud and proud. 


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's tough being the team captain!

Hello Fans,

The team leadership is excited to update you on the progress of the new team member. As you can see to the left the Team Captain Maleah has been working extremely hard to prepare the upcoming star. This image has been a common site around the team mcpherson compound. It has been the job of Kyle to make sure the operation of the rest of the team's business stays on track while Maleah leads these intensive work outs.

For all of you who are stat freaks and want to know the current production of the new team member here is an update how the performance is going. As you may recall the rookie is heating up the fetus leagues. Currently the rookie is producing lots of urine. Recently we have learned that a new reflex called the rooting reflex has developed. This reflex allows the mouth to open when the face is touched. Also the beginning stages of vocal chords have formed. All in all it has been an eventful week since you last heard from us. Stay tuned for the launch of an active digestive tract.

Also the public relations department wants to update you fans on some upcoming important dates. The team doctors will be performing ultrasounds on 8/1/08 and 8/4/08. These should give us a large amount of information to work with. Keep in mind that we will be announcing the sex of our new player at the end of September. Take care and stay tuned to the wild high jinks of Team McPherson. We are building a dynasty here folks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Official

Hello all you fantastic fans of Team McPherson. Well it is official we are going public with the introduction of the newest member of the team. Maleah and I met with the team doctors today at Swedish Hospital to go over the details of our upcoming child. Our new team doctor was wonderful and made Maleah very comfortable. As you can see above we received the first edition of photos showing our healthy young rookie. As far as the doctor could tell everything was looking great and the little guy (or girl) is on pace to join us around valentines day. I got to see the heartbeat and that was exciting. Maleah as the team captain thinks that the little blob in the photo looks like a boy but we don't have enough information to make an official announcement yet. We will be releasing that information in late September. As for now the team is extremely excited to share this news with everyone. We have made some good progress on the naming of the new future hall of famer. However we will still take suggestions. Feel free to give us some feedback when ever you want. We received a ton of instructions on how to handle and prepare the new player for a healthy arrival. So for now thank you for your support. We will keep you updated as new events occur.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Fetus Day

Okay, so welcome back fans. Team management has recently received some early scouting reports on the future star of Team McPherson. As of 7/13/08 the rookie is defined as a fetus. No longer languishing in the bottom embryo leagues we have moved the rookie up to the much more difficult fetus league.  The fetus league requires all players to develop bones and have a preexisting set of developed fingers and toes. Also all players in the fetus league can create their own urine and blood. Along with spontaneous movements all of these requirements are being met nicely by Team McPherson's young prodigy. 

We also have the long awaited early reports on the effects of this new player on the team captain. Below you will find some visual examples of the progress Maleah is making. There is some heated debate among the team's management about the quantity of change that has taken place. You can provide us with your opinions. Also the Public Relations department has asked us to remind our fans that any names suggested by fans will be taken into consideration. So click on the fan club feedback line at the end of this press release and leave your comments. Take care and go Team McPherson! 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Team McPherson Welcomes A New Player

Thank you for stopping by this new corner of the world. This will be the definitive source for all developments associated with Team McPherson. As you all know the Team has had two wily veterans for the past five plus years. A new registration has been turned in to the team office. It looks like there is finally a rookie ready to join the team. We are still in the early stages of this process. We do not know what position the player will fill but we wait with intense excitement.

A news conference will be held on July 23rd after the rookie has been to see the team doctor. The team should have a full scouting report on the rookie at this time. The team leadership is working diligently to find a team name for the new player. Please feel free to send any and all suggestions to the Team McPherson Fan Club. All fan suggestions will be considered. 

At this time the Team would like to caution fans to not put too much hype and pressure on this new teammate. The Team is planning on working the newcomer in slowly with a projected first day in the big league on Valentines day. So look for more updates and news on your favorite team. Thank you all for your love and support.

K and M

Please buy the team t-shirt on your way out.