Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's tough being the team captain!

Hello Fans,

The team leadership is excited to update you on the progress of the new team member. As you can see to the left the Team Captain Maleah has been working extremely hard to prepare the upcoming star. This image has been a common site around the team mcpherson compound. It has been the job of Kyle to make sure the operation of the rest of the team's business stays on track while Maleah leads these intensive work outs.

For all of you who are stat freaks and want to know the current production of the new team member here is an update how the performance is going. As you may recall the rookie is heating up the fetus leagues. Currently the rookie is producing lots of urine. Recently we have learned that a new reflex called the rooting reflex has developed. This reflex allows the mouth to open when the face is touched. Also the beginning stages of vocal chords have formed. All in all it has been an eventful week since you last heard from us. Stay tuned for the launch of an active digestive tract.

Also the public relations department wants to update you fans on some upcoming important dates. The team doctors will be performing ultrasounds on 8/1/08 and 8/4/08. These should give us a large amount of information to work with. Keep in mind that we will be announcing the sex of our new player at the end of September. Take care and stay tuned to the wild high jinks of Team McPherson. We are building a dynasty here folks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Official

Hello all you fantastic fans of Team McPherson. Well it is official we are going public with the introduction of the newest member of the team. Maleah and I met with the team doctors today at Swedish Hospital to go over the details of our upcoming child. Our new team doctor was wonderful and made Maleah very comfortable. As you can see above we received the first edition of photos showing our healthy young rookie. As far as the doctor could tell everything was looking great and the little guy (or girl) is on pace to join us around valentines day. I got to see the heartbeat and that was exciting. Maleah as the team captain thinks that the little blob in the photo looks like a boy but we don't have enough information to make an official announcement yet. We will be releasing that information in late September. As for now the team is extremely excited to share this news with everyone. We have made some good progress on the naming of the new future hall of famer. However we will still take suggestions. Feel free to give us some feedback when ever you want. We received a ton of instructions on how to handle and prepare the new player for a healthy arrival. So for now thank you for your support. We will keep you updated as new events occur.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Fetus Day

Okay, so welcome back fans. Team management has recently received some early scouting reports on the future star of Team McPherson. As of 7/13/08 the rookie is defined as a fetus. No longer languishing in the bottom embryo leagues we have moved the rookie up to the much more difficult fetus league.  The fetus league requires all players to develop bones and have a preexisting set of developed fingers and toes. Also all players in the fetus league can create their own urine and blood. Along with spontaneous movements all of these requirements are being met nicely by Team McPherson's young prodigy. 

We also have the long awaited early reports on the effects of this new player on the team captain. Below you will find some visual examples of the progress Maleah is making. There is some heated debate among the team's management about the quantity of change that has taken place. You can provide us with your opinions. Also the Public Relations department has asked us to remind our fans that any names suggested by fans will be taken into consideration. So click on the fan club feedback line at the end of this press release and leave your comments. Take care and go Team McPherson! 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Team McPherson Welcomes A New Player

Thank you for stopping by this new corner of the world. This will be the definitive source for all developments associated with Team McPherson. As you all know the Team has had two wily veterans for the past five plus years. A new registration has been turned in to the team office. It looks like there is finally a rookie ready to join the team. We are still in the early stages of this process. We do not know what position the player will fill but we wait with intense excitement.

A news conference will be held on July 23rd after the rookie has been to see the team doctor. The team should have a full scouting report on the rookie at this time. The team leadership is working diligently to find a team name for the new player. Please feel free to send any and all suggestions to the Team McPherson Fan Club. All fan suggestions will be considered. 

At this time the Team would like to caution fans to not put too much hype and pressure on this new teammate. The Team is planning on working the newcomer in slowly with a projected first day in the big league on Valentines day. So look for more updates and news on your favorite team. Thank you all for your love and support.

K and M

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