Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Team's New Facility

So as promised the business office at Team McPherson has finally released to the public the first images of the new team headquarters. We are happy to share our excitement over this new and improved facility. With a huge yard and nice wood floors the new house should make a wonderful space for the team as we grow and add our player. Also the new place comes with a old wood building out back that I have converted into the man cave. It is the first time I have had an area just for manly stuff. We will be hosting a press release party in early Sept. to welcome all of our fantastic fans to our great new house. As you can see the fetus and the team captain really enjoy the comfortable couch located in our wonderful team living room. Take Care.
The picture below is the future nursery room. It is very bland right now but just wait.


Fetus' first road trip

So the office of Team Mcpherson has received many complaint letters regarding the lack of information posted on our website. In order to keep all of you rabid fans happy we have decided to update you on what has been going on. There has not been much in the way of new information on our upcoming star player to share. However there has been big happenings for the team. The rookie is still plodding along in the fetus leagues, putting up good stats and staying on track. As you can see above, the team captain and I recently took the new recruit to Birch Bay for a celebration with the Pullars. The Pullars are big boosters of the organization. We had a great time taking the whole team to the swimming pool and the beach.

The team captain has been doing well. She has been exhausted less after her intensive one on one work outs with the fetus league star. She has been lucky to be getting sick less. It has helped that she recently went on a fun maternity clothes shopping trip. All in all the fetus is growing and we at Team McPherson could not be happier.

Soon we will have an update on our new and improved team headquarters. Also the public relations department would like to remind all of you that the next round of medical evaluations will be taking place on September ninth. So stay tuned for more specific information after that.

That is all for now. Stay loud and Proud. We appreciate all of your support.


Friday, August 1, 2008

We have arms and legs folks

So as we previously announced the team doctors took a good deep look at our fetus league star. We have included two of the best images from the ultrasound. It was an exciting session with the ultrasound tech. Maleah and I got to see a strong heartbeat that is firing along at 180 beats per minute. The highlight of the experience was seeing the baby move it's arms and legs. I am pretty sure we have a future boxer on the Team. Anyway after the full inspection of fetus and Maleah the team doctor has moved the date that we can expect the little Sugar Ray Leonard to join us to Feb. 25th. Everything was looking healthy overall. 

Also as always we have an important announcement from the public relations department. As of the end of this month the Team McPherson Headquarters will be relocating to the Northgate Area. We are excited to be gaining more space to accommodate our upcoming addition to the team. So thank you for your continued support and remember that real Team McPherson fans are loud and proud.