Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scouting the Rookie Factory

Team McPherson Mini Product Endorsement: Big bold signs pointing to restrooms for our team captain so that she's never too far from the restroom.  Very essential when entering new buildings.

In preparation for the arrival of our rookie, the team management recently took a tour of the rookie-producing ward of our local hospital.  It was much smaller than we had imagined (I guess our rookie really is special after all), and it was very reassuring to see how supported the team captain will be, and to hear a little about the role of the team coach.  The team management will be attending more functions at the hospital in the upcoming months to further prepare for the rookie's arrival. 

Pumpkin Picking in EBURG

So every once in awhile the Team McPherson crew loads up the team bus and heads east of the mountains. We have some rabid fans out in central washington. This last weekend we spent a wonderful day looking for the perfect team pumpkin with the Barneycastle clan. It was a little windy and cold but you can see that the team captain has found her prize and is full of smiles. We have had some complaints from fans that the team headquartes has not been festive enough over the past few years' holidays. So starting with this halloween we are set on embracing the spirit of fun. Our new rookie will get to enjoy all of the fantastic holiday traditions that team management can think of. Thank you all and keep up the support.


Team McPherson Training Room

There are many aspects that go into training of a young star.  We have begun getting the skeletons of a rigorous gymnasium together to help our budding rookie learn early.  After much contemplation about style and color, the team owners decided upon an appropriate training room theme.  The Team Engineer has constructed and refurnished some of the main equipment and the Team Designer has selected Target-themed linens to help the young athlete reach her potential.  All in all, things in the training room are coming together nicely.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Half Way There!

It's official! We are at the 20 week mark and only have 20 short weeks to go! As each day goes by, the team is more excited to meet it's rookie (as are most of our fans, I'm sure). At this point, the fetus is mostly developed and is fine tuning her skills. She is developing her permanent adult teeth (a little early, I know), and is apparently able to differentiate between morning, afternoon, and nighttime. I haven't felt her kicking quite yet, but am sure to any day now. Not only is our little star growing rapidly, but so am I. The past two weeks seem to have been a growth spurt for my mid-section and strangers and co-workers are finally beginning to tell. I had my first stranger approach me about being pregnant on Wednesday night, which was very reassuring to know that I do look pregnant to the masses and not just massive. The entire team has recently taken up water aerobics as a means to cross train throughout the pregnancy which seems to be working well, although I am rapidly outgrowing my suit and will need a more appropriate one soon.

Taken this morning.