Sunday, November 30, 2008

Team Mcpherson Enjoys the Holiday

Hello all you fantastic fans. All of us at the Team McPherson headquarters would like to wish you a happy holidays. We have returned to work today after taking a fantastic team holiday over in Ellensburg. Coach Kyle's favorite holiday. We had some fantastic food and lots of laughs. All members of the team ate far too much for three days in a row. Other than the terrible thrashing the Seahawks took, it was a perfect vacation. Thank you all for the fun and food. 

The Public Relations department would like to notify you all that Coach Kyle and the team captain are both feeling our young rookie kicking and moving each night. Just as Maleah is settling down to sleep, our future star begins a ten to fifteen minute workout. This just shows you the discipline and dedication to winning that she is going to have. The team trainers and scouts are confident she will have the strength of ten babies upon birth. Management will warn all of the doctors and nurses, so that they take the necessary precautions so no one gets hurt. 

Also we have a new exclusive picture of our latest piece of training equipment, thanks to team boosters from the Barneycastle family. This equipment was selected by the team captain for it's safety and superior storage options. 

Take care all and keep on cheering for your favorite team of goofballs. Only three months left.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Training Equipment

Team Captain, doing well

Things have been a little quiet on the Team Mcpherson front, mainly because the rookie is just quietly growing and awaiting her big debut.  Team management is happy to report that there have been very few uncomfortable side effects due to the new star's growth spurts.

Now that the starting day is just three months away, the team has begun to busily gather training materials, equipment, and other important supplies and the training room is coming together.

We have gotten training supplies from a variety of team boosters and would like to thank them all for their continued support (although more formal thank yous will still be coming).  The training room is constantly being redesigned to fit all of the equipment and supplies.  Here is the room before the design team arrived:

And our latest training equipment, from some of management's favorite boosters:

Player development report from the Fetus leagues:  The rookie is now over 2 lbs., and over 1' long.  She is now able to distinguish light from dark, which Kyle is looking forward to exploring more in depth.  She is beginning to become quite active and is strengthening her muscles by kicking and punching often.  The nightly ritual by team management of reading her training manual aloud so that she can grasp key concepts before her debut continues.  

Thank you again for your continued support, and look for more frequent updates as the big day draws near.