Sunday, December 7, 2008

Team Facility Upgrade

Hello all you wonderful fans. The Team McPherson facilities department would like to announce the most recent upgrade to the team headquarters. We have purchased a futon couch for all of our guests here at the headquarters. I am pictured below resting after a hard day on this new couch. As you can se it is not a giant couch but it will fold out into a nice little bed. So for all of you that are expecting and wishing to stay with us after are new rookie joins us this is all yours. The Team Captain showed off her amazing crafting skills by whipping up the slip cover that you see in the picture. She went to the store and bought some material and then twenty minutes later I am sitting on a soft new cover. 

Also the PR department has released this new picture of the team. We have been using some home medical equipment to listen in on our little girl.  Take care and have a safe holiday season.


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