Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

As many of our fans have inquired about our winter conditions, we wanted to update you and let you know that we are both happy and warm.  This is a great time of year to live so close to so many urban services (like being able to walk to the grocery store and Target).  Luckily, we were well prepared with our Christmas gifts and were able to avoid the huge crowds that we saw driving around the mall.

While we are both excited about the snow and are still hoping for the full 3" that were promised for today, we are still happy with the 4" we got overnight (and the 2 other separate 2" snowfalls we received earlier).  We are also happy we have electric heat and insulated windows - this is a huge step up from our large single paned windows and oil heat in our old apartment.

Although we have ventured out of our house quite a bit over the last few days (Friday consisted of each of us going to work, and two doctor's appointments for Maleah, while Saturday we went to Issaquah to have a mini-Christmas with Kyle's folks), we haven't tried to dig out the car today.  We did go outside to enjoy the snow - Kyle built a snowboarding jump while Maleah jealously just snowshoed around the yard.  Whatever the weather holds for the next few days, at least we know we'll be warm and relatively entertained!

As far as the doctor update, there isn't much to update you on.  Maleah is currently seeing her doctor every other Friday until the end of January.  Everything is still looking great and is on track for our February arrival.  We are going to baby school next weekend which will hopefully ease Maleah's concerns about labor and Kyle's concerns about cutting the umbilical cord. 

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