Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby on Board

As the weeks slowly tick down, we are getting more prepared for the arrival of our new rookie.  The nursery is almost ready, and is filled with tiny clothes (in labeled drawers), a crib with a mattress (thanks to some of our most loyal fans), and toys galore.  Maleah is currently obsessed with making the correct cloth diaper choice (she bought a bunch a few months ago, but is now changing her mind and is having a hard time talking about anything else!).  After going to our day-long childbirth preparation class, Kyle is almost ready to deal with hospitals and needles (it helps that he doesn't need to be personally pricked).  We've interviewed pediatricians and have picked out the perfect team doctor for the little one.

This month is filled with even more excitement with a couple of baby showers and Kyle's birthday to add zest and surprise to the cold, wet winter weather.  

Today is actually Kyle's 31st birthday, so I'll keep this short, but look for fun baby shower-related pictures soon (as long as the pass stays open long enough this weekend for us to drive over to Ellensburg!).

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to the shower this weekend, I hope we don't get washed away on the way there!!

- Tasha