Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Stretch

With just 4 weeks left, we are nearly ready for the fetus to finally join us in person!  This past week has been full of thoughtful, sweet presents from the fans.  I had a work pot-luck in the fetus' honor, and a baby shower hosted by a close friend for all of my friends and family on the West Side of the mountains.  It was full of fun surprises, and an overwhelming amount of cuteness.  The list of things we still need is now very small, and I am ready to no longer be pregnant.  

[Pictures of shower will be posted as soon as my mom is less sick and can send them to me!]

While you are waiting for more exciting photos, here is our latest furniture addition in the restroom:
This week marks the last of my every-other-weekly doctor's appointments as they will pick up to weekly meetings.  These meetings are super quick, so there isn't a lot of new and exciting development yet (although we will keep you posted).  One of the fun facts that I learned at my shower this weekend is that my aunt and uncle (who are expecting a baby girl in June) have the same doctor as we do!  In such a large city, what a random coincidence (hopefully that means we each have a REALLY good doctor). 

As always, we will keep you posted on any new activities.  Check back soon for more photos and more excitement!  

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Barb D.V. said...

Anticipation is growing!!! Can't wait for the little new arrival!
The grandparents are getting pretty excited!! Praying for a safe delivery and can't wait to meet the little gal!