Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stranger Danger

On our many outings, we have gotten several swarms of older women interested in our baby. Kyle enjoys this baby love and will purposefully position himself and Sora for maximum attention. I, on the other hand, try to avoid this stranger danger at all costs. The conversation typically goes like this.

Stranger: Oh what a sweet/cute/little baby.
Me (acting annoyed): Thanks.
Kyle (acting proud): Thank you very much!
Stranger: How old is she?
Me (turning away): Three weeks.
Kyle (repositioning Sora's blanket): Umm, 22 days, seven hours and 42 minutes.
stranger: What is her name?
Me (already checked out of conversation): No response
Kyle: Sora Grey
Stranger: What pretty name!
Kyle: Why thank you.
Stranger (a little too comfortable): How's mom doing? How is she walking already?/How are you guys sleeping?/Be careful of all of those strangers out there!/Is she wearing socks? If not, can I see her feet? I love baby feet. Is this grandma? Your granddaughter has adorable feet.

Fun with Grandma Barneycastle

Well after my mom's last visit she decided she had not gotten enough one on one time with Sora Grey. So she decided to come over on Friday afternoon and spend a couple days with us. It was a fun weekend. We took Sora on a huge adventure to pike place market. I carried her in the man womb so in all fairness Sora did not see much of the market. She seemed to love all the sounds though. After we got home mom got to have some cuddle time with Sora. Sora was especially cute and photogenic over the weekend. I have included some of the cutest moments below. We had a good dinner and took a trip to the fabric store on Saturday morning. Sora is becoming a great traveler. Anyway I hope everyone is good and thank you for the support. We are settling into a nce routine and starting to get some confidence with our fantastic parenting skills.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polar Bear

So, despite all of the weather forecasts to the contrary, we woke up this morning with 2 inches of snow at our house.  We have had SO much snow this year, that you think I'd be sick of it, but I saw it as the perfect opportunity to dress Sora up in her Polar Bear suit to go outside for a photo op.  Unfortunately, the stroller was in the car when Kyle drove off to work this morning, otherwise we could have gone on a nice winter walk.  Maybe next time!

For documentation purposes, this is not technically Sora's first snow, since it snowed the first week she was home, but she didn't go outside then, so I'm not sure which counts as her first official snow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Sora and I are still trying to find our home-alone rhythm together.  Today was the first day that we successfully napped at the same time (I'm not as good at swaddling her as Kyle is, so she doesn't sleep a ton at once during the day in her crib).  We also got all Moby-ed up to go for a walk, and right when I opened the door, it started down-pouring.  It was a little upsetting, but we made it to the mailbox before turning around because I was too cold (although I don't think the rain phased Sora at all - I'm not sure she even knew it was happening).

All dressed up with nowhere to go...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It was an exciting weekend for Sora and our family. On Sunday Maleah's mom, grandma, aunt and uncle. came over to visit. We had a good time chatting and playing with and holding Sora. She was in a good mood mostly. She does love to be the center of attention. She has also put on enough weight to be able to wear more of her cute baby clothes.  This has made Maleah happy.

Four generations of women together. 

On Saturday  my mom was babysitting my niece so we all went up to the mall and went for an adventure. It was a good time with less strangers coming over overwhelming us. That made Maleah happy and she was a bit more relaxed than last time. Maleah and my mom looked at baby close and carpet shampooers. While Kelly and I drove the strollers. It was my first time being in a stroller gang and I liked it. 

Toga, Toga, Toga

Just for fun.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picky Baby

Sora definitely takes after me in her pickiness.  Although babies supposedly love car rides, Sora isn't convinced yet.  She calms down with certain music though (although the wrong music makes her howl even louder).  So far, she's shown a strong liking to rock, is okay with punk, and strongly dislikes pop and hip hop (especially Britney Spear's Circus which apparently is everywhere right now - that's our girl!).  

She's also a little picky about her diapers (I know - everyone cares about our kid's diapers and poo).  We tried cloth, but the prefolds were way too big and bulky.  In a stroke of genius, we decided to use the little inserts that come with our shmancy diapers (the ones that are too big).  The inserts work perfectly, plus, they're microfiber so they keep her little butt soft and comfy.  Those, along with more diaper covers thanks to my mom's co-worker, have turned our little girl into a mostly cloth diapered kid.  Of course there is still a place in our house for disposables (like when we went out yesterday) - we're not totally insane!

Big Family Adventure

So we have made it through the first week of Maleah staying home alone with Sora. She has survived and is resting up for another big week. We took our biggest and longest adventure yet. My wonderful sister and her husband were nice enough to invite us and a bunch of our family over for pizza and baby fun. Sora seemed to love it - she got held by everyone and slept soundly through almost all of it. It was also fun to see my niece Dylan interacting with Sora. Here are a few pictures from before we left for the party and at the big shindig. 

She looks like a natural baby sitter don't you think? You were great with her Kirsten and don't think I will not be calling on you for baby sitting duties sooner or later. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is how Sora and Kyle spend their quality time together.
And yes, she is wearing a track jacket and leg warmers - who doesn't love a baby in 80's gear?

Lazy Days

On my first day home alone with Sora yesterday, I was a busy mother!  I vacuumed, mopped, and even dusted.  After heeding the advice of my mother ("enjoy the moment") and Kyle ("don't overdo it lady"), I am taking a different approach to today.  Here is what we've been up to today:
Yes, that's Sora sleeping on my lap.  She's having small snacks every hour when she wakes up (which is probably developing a terrible habit that I shouldn't encourage), and I'm enjoying her squeaks, funny faces, and love.  I guess this is one of the perks of having such a small baby - I'm sure she won't fit in my lap so comfortably for long!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Comfy Pajamas

So today was Sora and Maleah's first day home together. It went well with just a bit of extra fussiness. After taking Sora to see the doctor we decided it was time to give Sora a bath. She liked the bath a bit more than last time but I still don't think she is fully on board with the idea yet. Once she was clean we put her in some of her cute pjs. She relaxed in these for the rest of the evening. She is so cute giving Maleah a kiss.

Perfectly Normal

Sora had her 10 day check up at the doctor's office today.  She is now 6 lbs. 6 oz - 1 full ounce over her birth weight!  This means that I don't need to wake her up every 3 hours at night to feed and can wait for 4 hours (or until she wakes up hungry, of course).  Also, we were reassured that volcano poo is perfectly normal, just like Sora!  We were warned that she might get a little fussier over the next few weeks, with maximum fussiness at 6-8 weeks - we're still hoping she has my easy going temperament, but we did see a little fussiness earlier today (I think it was because she doesn't really like the cloth diapers that much - they're bigger than I had been lead to believe - 30% shrinkage my foot!).

She goes to the doctor again in 6-7 weeks, so we will get a whole new round of updates on her weight and height then!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapers

As you may have noticed, Sora is tiny!  We have a stash of super cute "one-size" cloth diapers that will taker her at least a month (or two??) to grow into, but supposedly will last until she potty trains (which I'm already hoping will be early).  In the meantime, we were going to use only disposable diapers.  After going through 100 diapers in 6 days, we are rethinking our plan.  I broke down and went to Birth and Beyond and bought a dozen pre-fold diapers and a diaper cover.  Hopefully that will help cut down on our consumption until she fits into the "fancy" cloth diapers.  Depending on how this goes, I might go back to the store to get another dozen soon (at the rate we're going, 12 diapers only lasts a few hours)!

She is still not sure about them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Volcano Poo

While we are learning the nuances of little Sora Grey, we have found that she loves to poo.  Especially while eating and while on the changing table. Today, she has had 2 sessions of volcano poo while having her diaper changed (resulting in only 1 dirty diaper that was never fully put on, surprisingly).  It should be gross, but so far Kyle and I find it funny (although we will bring it up to the pediatrician, don't worry grandparents)!

Fatherhood Rocks

So we had the chance to enjoy our first weekend at home with Sora. The weekend was filled with lots of joy and adventures. Grandma and Grandpa McPherson stayed for the weekend so they could meet our little princess. It was great fun filled with lots of pictures and great food. Sora has begun to open her eyes a ton and really showing us she is a wiggle worm. It looks like she has fully recovered from the jaundice and is eating much better. 

Saturday we took Sora on her first big adventure out of the house. We needed a few things from the mall so we put Sora in her car seat that clicks right into her new stroller. I wheeled her around the mall for a little while. I really felt proud as all of the people in the mall flocked around to tell me how cute and wonderful she was. Overall she was a little angel who enjoyed all of the sights and sounds. After Maleah got a well deserved tea latte we headed home feeling pretty good. 

Today on Sunday the momentous event of Sora's umbilical cord stump falling off took place. After that she had a big nap on my belly. As comfortable as she looks I am sure I enjoyed this more than she did.  It is still a bit surreal to look at this tiny little girl and think I am her father. As tired and worn out as I am, one look from Sora with her eyes open and all of that melts away and I feel like I could stay awake for a month if meant she would be happy. Before Grandpa left he decided to let Sora lay on his belly for a few minutes as well. Sora was awake for this one and she took advantage of all of us watching to show us that she could lift her head and look around and turn it over. It was magical. She did about ten head lifts and then she was too tired. 

Anyway this afternoon we are going to go to the library and start Sora on learning to read. We also might need to pick up and drop off some books. Overall life is good and we are tired and happy. Thank you all for your support and stay tuned as we move into the next week that will include us being home alone with Sora and Kyle going back to work with Maleah staying home on her own during the day. So send Maleah your positive thoughts. 

Fatherhood Rocks


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Life without the tanning bed is a whole new world for Sora!  She's almost overwhelmed with the love and affection that she's now getting!

The nurse came today to weigh Sora and take her blood for the last time (poor kid), and she's up to 6 lbs!  
Since our time with the Doula, feeding time has been a wonderful experience for both Sora and me.  She gets milk drunk pretty easily now.

She also had her first bath, so now she's not so stinky (although her 15 dirty diapers a day might suggest otherwise).
She's also enjoying some quality time with some of the men in her life on Valentine's day - here she is with her dad and grandpa.
Having a happy baby makes this Valentine's day that much sweeter!

Friday, February 13, 2009

VIP No Longer, Princess Forever

After the ultimate VIP treatment earlier today involving a lactation specialist and the in home nurse, Sora is doing well.  Kyle and I had been so fixated on the bed that breastfeeding became a nightmare!  After relearning some breastfeeding basics, we are happily feeding away (a HUGE change from the feedings earlier today). 

This afternoon, our nurse called to say that Sora is officially off the tanning bed!  We found out while she was eating a few minutes ago, and Kyle's first reaction was to get out the man womb (which she is now in). 

Hopefully all of this amazing news this afternoon means no more VIP nurses or consultants for a while, so we'll see how Sora takes to the life of a commoner.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midnight Madness

The three of us are slowly adapting as life as a family.  For the first three nights, Sora was uncontrollably hungry and Kyle and I were (almost) uncontrollably frustrated.  The last of these nights was exasperated by the fact that Sora needed to be on her tanning bed as much as possible (which apparently was only 90 minutes from 8 PM to 6 AM).  This of course spawned our first, of which I'm sure will be many, midnight calls to the nurse's line at Children's hospital.  Of course, this is totally normal, but we were happy when our doctor called the next day to check in, and our in-home nurse reassured us as well.

Last night, Kyle and I came up with a new strategy that, at least for one night, was completely successful!  There was no point where Sora was out of the bed for more than an hour and ended up spending over 4 hours on her special bed!  This must have been good for her, because her nurse told us today that she's getting better and will hopefully be out of the bed (and off of the VIP treatment) soon!  Also, she gained 3 ounces in one day (compared to .5 ounces the day before), so she will hopefully be back up to 6 lbs. soon (currently at 5 lbs 15 oz)! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Minor Hiccup

At our first pediatrician appointment yesterday, our doctor confirmed that little Sora has jaundice.  This explains why she's so sleepy (although she sure is cute when she sleeps) and why her skin pigment is turning slightly yellow.  It also explains why she always seems hungry (apparently jaundiced babies aren't the most efficient eaters).

To help her get better, she is now on strict bed rest.  A nurse came yesterday to set up a photo therapy bed that she needs to spend all of her time in when she is not eating or being changed.  The light will help her body break down the bilirubin (the chemical in your blood that causes jaundice) and get better.  She is also on a supplemental eating plan, which will hopefully get some fat on those little bones.  I was a little upset to have to give her formula while I'm trying so hard to breast feed, so today we bought a pump and are using my milk as a supplement which makes me feel a lot better! 
The upside of this is that our little baby is getting the VIP treatment.  A nurse is coming to our house once a day (which is great for me so that I have someone to ask all of my questions to) to weigh Sora, check on her bodily functions, and take her blood (I guess that's a downside) to check on her level of bilirubin to see the status of her jaundice.  It was a little higher today then yesterday, but supposedly it should peak naturally at 4-5 days old, so hopefully she'll be ready for playing (and out of the bed) soon!

The downside is that Kyle can't put her in the Moby wrap until she's off of the bed.  Here she is in what he is calling his man womb.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Day

Sora has had almost a full 24 hours at home now, and we're all doing well.  We got a surprising amount of sleep last night and we're decently refreshed for today.  Sora met her pediatrician today who told us that Sora is a healthy, beautiful baby. We did find out that she has a fair amount of jaundice. This is not super serious and can be treated. The treatment does involve her taking some formula to supplement the breast feeding she is doing. Also she just got a fancy little bed that will bathe her in a special wavelength of light. This light will help the little super star's body break down the chemical in her body that is causing the jaundice. We will keep you up dated but she should be just fine in about a week. She's on the small side, and her weight is now 5 lbs., 12 oz.  Hopefully that will go up soon, and we will keep you updated (another unfortunate side effect of being so small is that she doesn't quite fit into all of her cute newborn clothes). For now we are happy and trying to get to know this amazing little person who has joined us. So far she seems to have dad's personality and lack of patience with mom's love of napping.  Here are some fun pictures for everyone to enjoy. 

Also we at Team Mcpherson would like to throw a very heartfelt thanks to our friends Nick and Willa who came over to aid Kyle in finishing the nursery by getting the art up on the walls. It really gives the room personality and flare. The canvas art is a Nick original and we love it. 

That is all for now thank you all and stay tune.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to the Team

Formally Announcing the new Rookie to the Infant League

Sora Grey McPherson has joined the ranks of the ever popular baby league surprisingly early (but not too early) on Saturday, February 7 at 8:09 pm.  Weighing in at 6 lbs., 5 oz. and measuring 19.5", she is ready to take the league by storm. 

As you can imagine, all here at Team McPherson are exhausted, so look for more information and pictures soon (but not today)!