Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapers

As you may have noticed, Sora is tiny!  We have a stash of super cute "one-size" cloth diapers that will taker her at least a month (or two??) to grow into, but supposedly will last until she potty trains (which I'm already hoping will be early).  In the meantime, we were going to use only disposable diapers.  After going through 100 diapers in 6 days, we are rethinking our plan.  I broke down and went to Birth and Beyond and bought a dozen pre-fold diapers and a diaper cover.  Hopefully that will help cut down on our consumption until she fits into the "fancy" cloth diapers.  Depending on how this goes, I might go back to the store to get another dozen soon (at the rate we're going, 12 diapers only lasts a few hours)!

She is still not sure about them.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is going well!
I know all about the "cloth diaper"
scenerio(sp?)--did it with 3 babies by the 4th I was too tired and busy... I did like cloth-but it is much more work!! I liked the prefolded! So thrilled that we got to see little Sora on Sat. --and you were so nice to let us hold her!!
Take care and enjoy her! Love, Barb