Sunday, February 22, 2009


It was an exciting weekend for Sora and our family. On Sunday Maleah's mom, grandma, aunt and uncle. came over to visit. We had a good time chatting and playing with and holding Sora. She was in a good mood mostly. She does love to be the center of attention. She has also put on enough weight to be able to wear more of her cute baby clothes.  This has made Maleah happy.

Four generations of women together. 

On Saturday  my mom was babysitting my niece so we all went up to the mall and went for an adventure. It was a good time with less strangers coming over overwhelming us. That made Maleah happy and she was a bit more relaxed than last time. Maleah and my mom looked at baby close and carpet shampooers. While Kelly and I drove the strollers. It was my first time being in a stroller gang and I liked it. 

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