Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fatherhood Rocks

So we had the chance to enjoy our first weekend at home with Sora. The weekend was filled with lots of joy and adventures. Grandma and Grandpa McPherson stayed for the weekend so they could meet our little princess. It was great fun filled with lots of pictures and great food. Sora has begun to open her eyes a ton and really showing us she is a wiggle worm. It looks like she has fully recovered from the jaundice and is eating much better. 

Saturday we took Sora on her first big adventure out of the house. We needed a few things from the mall so we put Sora in her car seat that clicks right into her new stroller. I wheeled her around the mall for a little while. I really felt proud as all of the people in the mall flocked around to tell me how cute and wonderful she was. Overall she was a little angel who enjoyed all of the sights and sounds. After Maleah got a well deserved tea latte we headed home feeling pretty good. 

Today on Sunday the momentous event of Sora's umbilical cord stump falling off took place. After that she had a big nap on my belly. As comfortable as she looks I am sure I enjoyed this more than she did.  It is still a bit surreal to look at this tiny little girl and think I am her father. As tired and worn out as I am, one look from Sora with her eyes open and all of that melts away and I feel like I could stay awake for a month if meant she would be happy. Before Grandpa left he decided to let Sora lay on his belly for a few minutes as well. Sora was awake for this one and she took advantage of all of us watching to show us that she could lift her head and look around and turn it over. It was magical. She did about ten head lifts and then she was too tired. 

Anyway this afternoon we are going to go to the library and start Sora on learning to read. We also might need to pick up and drop off some books. Overall life is good and we are tired and happy. Thank you all for your support and stay tuned as we move into the next week that will include us being home alone with Sora and Kyle going back to work with Maleah staying home on her own during the day. So send Maleah your positive thoughts. 

Fatherhood Rocks


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