Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with Grandma Barneycastle

Well after my mom's last visit she decided she had not gotten enough one on one time with Sora Grey. So she decided to come over on Friday afternoon and spend a couple days with us. It was a fun weekend. We took Sora on a huge adventure to pike place market. I carried her in the man womb so in all fairness Sora did not see much of the market. She seemed to love all the sounds though. After we got home mom got to have some cuddle time with Sora. Sora was especially cute and photogenic over the weekend. I have included some of the cutest moments below. We had a good dinner and took a trip to the fabric store on Saturday morning. Sora is becoming a great traveler. Anyway I hope everyone is good and thank you for the support. We are settling into a nce routine and starting to get some confidence with our fantastic parenting skills.


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