Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perfectly Normal

Sora had her 10 day check up at the doctor's office today.  She is now 6 lbs. 6 oz - 1 full ounce over her birth weight!  This means that I don't need to wake her up every 3 hours at night to feed and can wait for 4 hours (or until she wakes up hungry, of course).  Also, we were reassured that volcano poo is perfectly normal, just like Sora!  We were warned that she might get a little fussier over the next few weeks, with maximum fussiness at 6-8 weeks - we're still hoping she has my easy going temperament, but we did see a little fussiness earlier today (I think it was because she doesn't really like the cloth diapers that much - they're bigger than I had been lead to believe - 30% shrinkage my foot!).

She goes to the doctor again in 6-7 weeks, so we will get a whole new round of updates on her weight and height then!

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