Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picky Baby

Sora definitely takes after me in her pickiness.  Although babies supposedly love car rides, Sora isn't convinced yet.  She calms down with certain music though (although the wrong music makes her howl even louder).  So far, she's shown a strong liking to rock, is okay with punk, and strongly dislikes pop and hip hop (especially Britney Spear's Circus which apparently is everywhere right now - that's our girl!).  

She's also a little picky about her diapers (I know - everyone cares about our kid's diapers and poo).  We tried cloth, but the prefolds were way too big and bulky.  In a stroke of genius, we decided to use the little inserts that come with our shmancy diapers (the ones that are too big).  The inserts work perfectly, plus, they're microfiber so they keep her little butt soft and comfy.  Those, along with more diaper covers thanks to my mom's co-worker, have turned our little girl into a mostly cloth diapered kid.  Of course there is still a place in our house for disposables (like when we went out yesterday) - we're not totally insane!

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