Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stranger Danger

On our many outings, we have gotten several swarms of older women interested in our baby. Kyle enjoys this baby love and will purposefully position himself and Sora for maximum attention. I, on the other hand, try to avoid this stranger danger at all costs. The conversation typically goes like this.

Stranger: Oh what a sweet/cute/little baby.
Me (acting annoyed): Thanks.
Kyle (acting proud): Thank you very much!
Stranger: How old is she?
Me (turning away): Three weeks.
Kyle (repositioning Sora's blanket): Umm, 22 days, seven hours and 42 minutes.
stranger: What is her name?
Me (already checked out of conversation): No response
Kyle: Sora Grey
Stranger: What pretty name!
Kyle: Why thank you.
Stranger (a little too comfortable): How's mom doing? How is she walking already?/How are you guys sleeping?/Be careful of all of those strangers out there!/Is she wearing socks? If not, can I see her feet? I love baby feet. Is this grandma? Your granddaughter has adorable feet.

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