Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just for Fun

Sora actually smiled when I said "Smile" for this picture. I'm sure this is purely a coincidence, but it was still exciting. She is smiling more these days and, now that Kyle is dressing her more, is wearing some crazy (but fun) clothing combinations.

My Words of the Week

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleep Tight

So, I am sure that this is true of all new parents, but we are constantly struggling with sleep at our house. Sora sleeps well during the day, but not in her crib. She has settled into an evening routine where she eats at 8:00, goes to sleep at 9:30, wakes up at 12-1 for an hour, wakes up around 2-3 for an hour, and our morning starts around 5:00 (which I no longer consider night time... sometimes she sleeps after her 5:00 meal, but not always). This routine is acceptable, and much preferred over one in which she gets up 3 times a night (which still happens occasionally). Last night was the first night where Sora only woke up once. It was amazing! She had her 8:00 meal (but threw it all up so ate again around 9:00), and went to bed at 9:30 as usual (although she didn't fall asleep until closer to 10). She woke up at 1:45 to eat, and again at 5:00 (which in our world is considered morning). Yeah for us! I'm sure this was a freak and I should be content with Sora waking up twice a night, but it was pretty great for a night!

Our attempt at a daytime nap (technically called "wearing her down" - it seems more tiring to me than her!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A week in our shoes

So we apologize for the lack of posts for the last week or so. It has been an interesting week full of weird moments, grandparents, puke, outdoor breast feeding, dad being in charge and great fun with Sora. Enjoy the following visual summary of what we have been up to.

Well take care


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Team McPherson Product Endorsement #3

The Team McPherson marketing department is proud to release the newest in their line of product endorsements: Mambo Moms. While our team captain is anxious to get into her pre-pregnancy clothing, this product has the added benefit of easily putting our team star to sleep. As some of you may know, we have been struggling with this subject, and it's nice to finally have a product that benefits the entire team.

Our team captain is much too embarrassed to authorize video of this exciting nightly dance routine, but for our fans who are fortunate enough to stay in our guest quarters, you are in for a real treat!

Sora Smiles

Finally captured on film...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Polls

First, I would like to thank our faithful fans for all of your support. I love how many of you have been answering our polls. However, I would like to challenge the results of our first poll. You may remember the poll was regarding who Sora resembled. A shocking amount (over 90%) of you answered Kyle. Now, I know that Kyle was a cute baby (I have been reminded more than once that he won the cutest baby contest in the Ellensburg Record). I also know that I had some awkward months as a baby (but mom, you're right - I was cute overall... it was just unfortunate timing for my one and only photo shoot). However, I would like to contend, given our new photographic evidence, that Sora resembles me more than Kyle.

Decide for yourselves (the picture above, from left to right: me, Sora, Kyle), then answer our new poll. And yes, by the way, I agree with you en mass - it does seem like just yesterday that Sora was born. She's already 6 weeks old - where does the time go (I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing at every major milestone in her life!)?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parlor Tricks

Sora can turn her head to follow sounds (because she's an amazing baby). View our video for proof!

Extra Long Weekend

We decided to surprise my parents and headed up to their house on Thursday rather than Friday. We stopped at Kyle's work where all of the ladies fawned over Sora. Right when Kyle started t make dinner at my parent's house, the power went out! We packed up Sora and all of the necessities (which is a full car-load with a 6-week old) and headed out to my grandma's. On the drive, we saw that a power pole had been snapped in half and had to be replaced. We ended up staying at grandma's since the power wasn't restored until 3 a.m.

Sora enjoyed a full day of grandma's favorite past-time on Saturday: shopping! We found some killer deals including $5 for ALL baby items at Old Navy (hence the super cute jeans). Other than shopping and my haircut, we spent the weekend relaxing, watching Match Madness (until the disappointing UW loss) and visiting with my family.

Sora showing Grandma D what she thinks of power outages.

Sora sleeping with Grandpa D

Showing off her super cute jeans.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun and Games

Sora has a new game she likes to play while nursing. Now that she's gaining more control over her limbs, she flails her arms around, blocking her from eating or my view of it. I try to pin her arm down with my body, but she wriggles free and we start over again. In the meantime, she's crying because she's so hungry. Good times!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

No one's getting pinched here!

Epic Weekend

This weekend, we braved the crazy March weather and took Sora on her first trip over the mountains. We left on Friday while the weather (and traffic) were still good and came home Monday (when the traffic was still good but the weather was questionable).

While on the East side, Sora made some VIP guest appearances to her Ellensburg relatives. She visited two of her three sets of grandparents and met some of their friends and neighbors. She visited two of her three great-grandmas (the two she hadn't met yet). She also met her aunt and uncle (Kyle's brother Adam and his wife Amy). Sorry for the lack of pictures of everyone!
Posing on Grandpa Dale's lap

Relaxing on Grandma Debra's lap

Showing off her vocal skills to Great-grandma Mary

Sleeping on Grandma Barneycastle's chest

Spending the mornings with Grandma Barneycastle

While we were there it snowed, so Sora got to see a white winter wonderland yet again! I swear, for being born in February, this kid has seen an unusual amount of snow!
This weekend, she also practiced her smile and was a pretty happy (not-so-gassy) baby. This was great, but it means that my no-dairy diet is here to stay.
The highlight of my trip was that Sora is now successfully switching back and forth from bottle to breast. She ate a bottle on the drive to Ellensburg and on the drive back (having a bottle to feed her both ways was a prerequisite to the trip - good thing!). This also means Kyle did one of her night feedings each night (and will continue to do so on nights when he doesn't work the next morning) and I actually slept for 5 whole uninterrupted hours!! It made a hue difference in my energy level and I am recharged for another week home with Sora. Kyle and I also left Sora with her grandparents and enjoyed a night on the town without her. We ended up just going for a quick dinner at the Thai restaurant, but it was nice to have a little date.

Our landlords were at our house while we were gone, so when we got back, we had some exciting surprises waiting. They brought in our mail, and Sora received a present (complete with puppets - I LOVE puppets) from my family friends in France. The landlords replaced the shower walls like I was dying for instead of merely repainting them as they had planned. The battle with the ants that we have been epically fighting for months had finally come to an end (the exterminator came out last Tuesday but it took a few days for the ants to actually die). Also, the landlords left a 1922 silver dollar for Sora to start a coin collection with. My mom and I started all kinds of crazy collections growing up (piggy banks, Lucy & Me bears, ring holders, doilies, old books, rocks, shells, hard boiled egg holders, just to name a few), so it will be fun to start one with Sora.

After a short nap, we headed out to dinner at a friend's house. It was great to see them since we don't get together very often and although I feel like I know their son through his amazing blog, it was fun to see him in person (since he doesn't know us like we "know" him). It was fun to see what we have to look forward to in a couple of years (without some of the more boy-ish toys, like the faux power saw, hopefully). It was also fun to see Lori pregnant and help remind her what newborn life is really like!
With all of that excitement, I think Sora and I are ready for a few quiet days at home!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Like a Pro

Thanks to our friend Jamie (who's the super sweetest), we finally ventured into the world of pumping and bottle feeding. I was very nervous (because I've read too many horror stories on the internet) that she wouldn't take the bottle and I'd be tethered to her for the next 11 months! Kyle sat down and tried to feed her last night, and she gulped right down - no problems with various nipples for this kid (although she HATES the pacifier, which was why I was so nervous). Apparently plastic with food = okay, plastic for fun = not okay. Good to know.

Sora enjoying her first bottle (and mom- those socks are just for you!)

I took Sora to the pediatrician this morning to check out her bloated belly. Apparently, she's a little more gassy than normal, but still healthy. The doctor advised me to cut out dairy from my diet and see if that helps. I miss the ice cream in my freezer already! I've also started giving her some gripe water, and that seems to help a little as well. Hopefully we'll have a happier baby soon! I found this amazing (and addicting) website to track Sora's every move, so hopefully we will be able to tell if she's feeling better.

Also, while at the pediatrician's, Sora was weighed, and she is now 9 lbs, 1 oz. That's huge! She's in the 25 weight percentile for her age (which is where she was at 10 days as well). We will have to wait until her 2 month check up in April to see where she falls in the head and length categories!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Sora is growing so fast! She is about to move into her 0-3 month clothing selection. While she is still petite and skinny, she is getting to be too long for her newborn clothes. While we have a TON of 0-3 month clothes to look forward to, I'm going to miss all of the sweet newborn clothes (like this outfit).

She also had her first smile on Sunday. Kyle has seen her fun, gummy smile three times already, while I have only witnessed it once. I'm sure it will be a while before it gets caught on film, but it is adorable (and very different from the gassy half-smiles I've seen so many times while nursing).

We continue our daily adventures - yesterday Kyle had the day off, so we took Sora to the new Trader Joe's. I'm not sure grocery shopping should really count as an adventure, but right now any time out of the house is exciting. She screamed the whole way home which led me to introduce her to her pacifier for the first time (although I felt very guilty about the whole situation - I'm hoping to only use it in the car and only as a last resort since a car ride with a screaming baby is no fun for anyone).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1 Month

Left: Sora coming home from the hospital. Right: Sora today.

I can't believe Sora is already a month old! It has been a long, but short month. She has accomplished a lot already! Here are the highlights:
  • She has met most of her close relatives (uncles, aunt, cousins, grandparents) in person and via Skype (she still needs to meet her aunt Kandis and great-grandparents).
  • She can follow my voice and will move her head from side to side.
  • She can lift her head 90 degrees.
  • She notices noises like rattles.
  • She has become a proficient nurser and likes to suck for comfort as well as food.
  • She still wears Newborn sized clothes.
  • She can (briefly) entertain herself when awake.
  • She half-smiles in her sleep occasionally.
  • She has cat-like reflexes (specifically, she startles, roots, and grabs).
  • She pushes up with her feet when on our stomachs to move higher up.
  • She likes music (classical and rock seem to be favorites).
  • She likes to look at things (like rattles, faces, and art).
  • She likes to be swaddled when she sleeps.
This next month will be big! We have two overnight trips planned, she'll be getting a bottle soon (my breast-pump arrives later this week), she will probably move up in clothing size, and will hopefully be full on smiling soon!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Team Player

Sora has been a little temperamental this past week (rumor has it that she went through a growth spurt). Wednesday night, she woke up every 2 hours to feed (keep in mind that at night it takes an hour to feed, change, re-swaddle, and get her to go back to sleep, which translates into an hour or less of sleep for both of us). It was a little rough on me. Last night, however, Sora decided to help us out and only woke up twice during the night (every 3.5-4 hours). I'm crossing my fingers (but not holding my breath) for tonight!

This picture is dedicated to Kyle (at the risk of looking a little boyish)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Although Kyle might think that today was just a lazy day, Sora and I were very busy! We went on our first visit to my work (it's never too early to start learning science) and were oogled by all of the ladies (yes, my daughter really is that adorable).

This evening, while Kyle was off at the UW basketball game (go dawgs!), Sora and I went to a La Leche League meeting. It was our first meeting, our first car ride without Kyle, our first public breast-feeding (although it was at a meeting about breast feeding, so it wasn't really that adventurous considering every other mother nursed throughout the meeting as well), our first public diaper change (twice), our first time successfully using the Moby wrap to nurse (which I LOVE and plan on doing much more often!), and when we got home, Sora had her first projectile vomit (I guess that's the side effect of me being so excited about using the Moby to nurse that I forgot to burp her).

I know - what a huge day! Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less exciting.

Lazy Tuesday

Well I was off work today. It was nice to have a day at home with Maleah and Sora without any big events. Maleah had to go to the doctor to get checked up. She is doing fine and should be all healed up soon. Other than that we spent the day trying to catch up on sleep. Sora and I spent some fun time together napping and playing. Enjoy these fun pictures of the cutest baby in the world.

Man I wish I could sleep like that. Not since I was teenager. I also decided to put her into a fun track suit. She was comfortable and ready to go jogging at a moments notice.

Sora is still lifting her head up high pretty much every time she can. I have decided that she has the strength of ten regular babies. I expect her to be doing back flips in a week or so.

Well that is all for now. Take care everyone.