Monday, July 27, 2009

Keeping Cool

We headed over to Ellensburg for Jazz in the Valley this weekend and expected it to be sweltering! Luckily, it was relatively cool, and it even rained on Saturday. We forgot our camera, but imagine pictures with Sora enjoying her grandparents, cousins, extended family, great live music, a wedding reception for some friends who got married last month, and meeting her great grandpa.

When we got home on Sunday, we were met with an excruciatingly hot house! We decided to go to a nearby park to play in the wading pool and cool off. Sora hasn't liked her kiddie pool experiences, so I was nervous for the wading pool, but she LOVED it! This is amazing news because now that it's so hot out, Kyle and I want to spend all of our time at the wading pool. There was also a lot of shade, which is nice since we are still trying to forgo sunscreen (which is becoming more and more challenging).

Tonight, when we got home from work, after watching Sora chew on her frozen teething toys, we decided to give her her first "solid" food. We're waiting for her first food party later in August to officially introduce "real" solid foods, so for now her frozen breast milk stick will have to do.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Island Life

We spent a relaxed weekend in the San Juan Islands this weekend with some friends we don't see enough! We were able to drive right on to the ferry on Friday over to the island, as well as this morning for the ferry ride home.
Sora enjoying her first "real" ferry ride.

While on the island, we spent a lot of time relaxing (Sora and I napped a lot). I experienced my first peanut butter cup s'more, which I found surprisingly too sugary for me.

On Saturday, we headed down to Olga Daze to watch our friend Jeannette's son, Charlie, in the parade. Jeanette offered to take Sora with them in the fire truck, so Sora was able to experience her first fire truck ride and be in her first parade. Charlie's a pro at the small town parade, but having Sora along didn't seem to phase him too much. The parade was 100 yards long and turned around and came back up the same route, so for the 20 of us watching the parade, we got to see it twice!
Sora also had her first "real" swimming experience. Kyle took her into the little baby pool after I spent hours insisting that she would love it.
She clearly didn't.

Sora was an amazingly adorable baby all weekend and we had some great photo ops (including this one on the beach this morning before we left).
I think she saved all of her crying for home because as soon as we got home, she had a melt down. She seems to be showing some signs of teething, so hopefully we find something that calms her down in the long run!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday we ventured out with Kyle's family to Jetty Island. There is a free "ferry" to the island (although they use the term ferry pretty loosely - I would really call it a large raft with an upper deck) that runs every 30 minutes and the island is one giant sandy beach with loads of sun and a little wind. We saw a ton of kite boarders and sun worshipers.
Since we are neither, poor Sora spent most of her time in her shade tent.
The only negative about the island is that you have to get a ticket for a specific time, so we ended up waiting about an hour to get off the island after Sora decided it wasn't much fun in her little tent. Luckily, we found some shade in the little nature center to play in.
On the way back, we tried to get Sora to drive the raft - it's pretty small, I'm sure she could do it.
Afterward we made a pit stop for some essentials at home, we went up to Kyle's sister's house for some dinner and a movie. Sora had a lot more fun since she wasn't being sequestered to her little tent. I even saw a little playing between her and her 14 mo. old cousin - I'm sure there will be more of that to come!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sora's New Toys

During our daily diaper free time (which, yes, usually involves some peeing), Sora is at her most active. She has recently discovered her feet. They are her new favorite toy and she loves to try to eat them (although is seldom successful).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Allergic to the Inlaws

Kyle and I took Sora up to Bellingham to visit my parents for the weekend. This is the second time we've visited as a family since Sora was born. Last time, Kyle ended up in urgent care because of an excruciating pain in his abdomen. On Friday, after a barbecue at my parent's house, he ended up in the ER because of a food swallowing issue (many of you know this has happened before, but has never resulted in an ER visit). Kyle's fine now, but it of course negatively impacted his weekend. The last time I remember him going to the doctor was when he got a concussion snowboarding in So. Cal. (over 5 years ago), so there must be something about being at his in-laws that doesn't agree with him...

On the way to Bellingham, we stopped in Mt. Vernon to look at the amazing views from Little Mountain Park. We were lucky enough to see some amazing sights, including this bird.

While Kyle was recuperating in bed, my parents and I took Sora to a parade. We were amazed at how many people were there (especially since the parade itself was lacking in amazingness).
Here is Sora in her first patriotic moment.
At night, we went to watch the "big" fireworks. Sora woke up right before the fireworks started, so she got to experience them for herself. Here she is exploring the world of glow bracelets with her grandma.