Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday we ventured out with Kyle's family to Jetty Island. There is a free "ferry" to the island (although they use the term ferry pretty loosely - I would really call it a large raft with an upper deck) that runs every 30 minutes and the island is one giant sandy beach with loads of sun and a little wind. We saw a ton of kite boarders and sun worshipers.
Since we are neither, poor Sora spent most of her time in her shade tent.
The only negative about the island is that you have to get a ticket for a specific time, so we ended up waiting about an hour to get off the island after Sora decided it wasn't much fun in her little tent. Luckily, we found some shade in the little nature center to play in.
On the way back, we tried to get Sora to drive the raft - it's pretty small, I'm sure she could do it.
Afterward we made a pit stop for some essentials at home, we went up to Kyle's sister's house for some dinner and a movie. Sora had a lot more fun since she wasn't being sequestered to her little tent. I even saw a little playing between her and her 14 mo. old cousin - I'm sure there will be more of that to come!

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