Monday, July 27, 2009

Keeping Cool

We headed over to Ellensburg for Jazz in the Valley this weekend and expected it to be sweltering! Luckily, it was relatively cool, and it even rained on Saturday. We forgot our camera, but imagine pictures with Sora enjoying her grandparents, cousins, extended family, great live music, a wedding reception for some friends who got married last month, and meeting her great grandpa.

When we got home on Sunday, we were met with an excruciatingly hot house! We decided to go to a nearby park to play in the wading pool and cool off. Sora hasn't liked her kiddie pool experiences, so I was nervous for the wading pool, but she LOVED it! This is amazing news because now that it's so hot out, Kyle and I want to spend all of our time at the wading pool. There was also a lot of shade, which is nice since we are still trying to forgo sunscreen (which is becoming more and more challenging).

Tonight, when we got home from work, after watching Sora chew on her frozen teething toys, we decided to give her her first "solid" food. We're waiting for her first food party later in August to officially introduce "real" solid foods, so for now her frozen breast milk stick will have to do.

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