Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photogenic Baby

Sora seems to have figured out what a camera is and she loves to have her picture taken. She will ham it up for the camera no matter what mood she is in. Enjoy of few of my favorite recent moments.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eating at the Big Kid's Table

Today, on the way home from a wedding, Kyle's dad and wife stopped by to see Sora. After we visited for a while, we took them to one of our favorite restaurants that we knew they would love (and we were right!). This restaurant has little stands that hold car seats at the table, and we've been there two or three times with Sora already. Today though, we decided to try out the high chair and let Sora eat with us (although not our food, of course). We brought some yams for her to eat while we enjoyed salad, neapolitan pizza, and dessert. She also loved the live band and was mesmerized by the drummer. Overall, it was a huge hit, and we are looking forward to Sora eating with us at many more restaurants to come!

Dancing to the band

Enjoying her sippy cup full of water

The main course

All done!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Social Pants

We had a brunch today with our parenting group, where Sora was excitedly happy and playful the entire time. She was a lot of fun to be around, as were all of the babies for the most part (which is impressive for a group of seven 6 month olds!). All of the babies are eating now, so many of them ate brunch with us. We packed some apricots and millet for Sora to eat while we enjoyed more adult foods and beverages. Here are the pictures from her side of the meal.

So Big

Sora is growing up too fast! She is getting more curious every day and is working on her mobility. She has been enjoying one meal of solid food a day for two weeks now and is going to two meals a day starting today. So far, she's enjoyed apricot, millet (cereal), avocado, and yams. She is still trying to figure out how to eat, but we're having fun with it.
She has also perfected the backward scoot which frustrates her because she's trying to go forward. She's not much of a roller though, so if she's placed on her back, she's like a turtle on her shell. If she's sitting up, she can easily transition to her tummy and then to the scooting.

One thing we noticed when she was being tested for the research is that she currently cannot hold two things at the same time. If she's holding one toy and is presented with a new toy, she will hold the first toy with one hand, reach out with her other hand and grab the second toy, and then immediately drop the first. Also, she couldn't take things out of containers or put things back in. We never really thought about even having containers (not that we're worried that she can't do these things, just that we never even thought of giving her these opportunities). Needless to say, Kyle and I are compelled to actually buy her more toys (something we've been avoiding). Nothing much - just some wood blocks and plastic containers to put them in. And maybe some more measuring cups for her to stack and play with (we don't have a full set anyway, and I don't want baby slobber all over my measuring cups when I want to use them).
Playing with toys even while she sleeps - she can't help herself!

Fishing in her bathtub. Her first taste of seafood!

Kyle is also working with her to be able to pull herself up in her crib. Not the best role model, I know, but it's bound to happen eventually anyway, right? I don't think he realizes that once she can successfully execute this move on her own, he will need to lower the crib and is creating more work for himself!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lab Rat

One of the fun things about living in the city is that we get some random opportunities that living elsewhere wouldn't provide. One of these is letting our daughter participate in scientific research at the local university. We got a call last week about a study on autism and they wanted our adorable daughter to be part of their control group. So, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, we brought her down to the research clinic, and they tested away. They showed her pictures and played with her while measuring her responses. Here she is in their research "cap" that measured her brainwaves. She wasn't a fan of the cap, but she loved the doctor leading the research, and of course she loved performing for the camera.
We've also been taking advantage of other random opportunities in the city. I've been scouring craigslist lately for random things that Kyle and I can do, which landed me in a research focus group on childcare earlier last week and Kyle in a mock trial group last weekend. Both were interesting, lucrative, and exhausting! We're taking the next weekend easy with relatively few pre-planned activities, so look for some fun, spontaneous pictures soon!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Clothes

Now that Sora is 6 months, I don't feel bad about moving into her 6-9 and 6-12 mo. clothing. She could probably stay in her current, smaller clothes for another week or two, but her cloth diapers make her poor butt much bigger than the average babies, so things are getting a little tight around here! As with every clothing change so far, there are tons of cute things we are excited to put her in. The best, of course, is her in the jacket that Kyle's co-workers got for Sora. It has his work logo embroidered on the front and matches his work vest and polo shirts. Now, we just need to get some pictures of her running around at his course - it will be a while on that one though, I'm sure!

First Food

Now that Sora is officially 6 months, she is finally starting solid foods. We had a Mexican-themed food day while Sora had her first bite of avocado. The jury is still out on whether she likes food yet, but hopefully over the next few days, she can be convinced. I was surprised at how much she actually swallowed, but Kyle wasn't convinced she swallowed anything. When Kyle went to the store yesterday to buy one organic avocado (I was going to serve our guests conventionally grown avocados because they're so expensive), he stumbled upon a 3 for $1.50 deal, so it seems like it was meant to be! Hopefully Sora will like avocados soon, since they're all that is on her menu (other than milk of course) for the next few days.

6 month birthday!

Sora is 6 months old, as of yesterday. We went to our new pediatrician, who gave us some good advice and spoke with more options rather than absolutes like our former pediatrician. Sora weighed 16 lbs and is 25.5 inches long - in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She's healthy and normal. She also got another round of immunizations, but is starting to get more accustomed to them - there were much fewer tears than the first time! Here are some comparison pictures to enjoy:
Left: Sora coming home from the hospital; Right: Sora at 6 months

Left: Sora at 1 month; Right: Sora at 6 months

At 6 months, Sora:
  • can sit up, as long as you place her somewhere, for quite a while.
  • can scoot backwards for about a foot before getting irate.
  • likes to play in the water.
  • likes to put toys in her mouth.
  • loves to grab hair and fingers, and then put them in her mouth.
  • likes to pick things up.
  • likes the way fabric feels in her fingers.
  • tries to hold her own bottle, and is sometimes successful in feeding herself.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fatherhood Rocks Saga continues

Well as the furnace like temperatures have been cooling down a little I have been able to spend a ton f time with Sora. We are having hot and cold days together. Each week there is a new wrinkle to her personality. Enjoy these photos of some of my favorite moments recently.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pterodactyl Noises

Lately, Sora has been making Pterodactyl noises to let us know when she's hungry or tired. It's much more pleasant than her previous method of notifying us of her changing feelings by crying. It's also fun because she can be distracted for a few minutes once the crazy bird noises start which often gives me a chance to finish the dishes or clean up the house a tiny bit.

She is starting to realize that people are mobile and that she is not. She wants to crawl, but gets frustrated that she can't figure it out quite yet. She's very good at sitting by herself, but lately whenever she's around us and we're doing anything else (talking on the phone, reading, eating, etc), she launches herself toward the distracting object. It's great that she's learning more about the world around her, but it means we need to be more careful about what we're doing!