Saturday, August 8, 2009

6 month birthday!

Sora is 6 months old, as of yesterday. We went to our new pediatrician, who gave us some good advice and spoke with more options rather than absolutes like our former pediatrician. Sora weighed 16 lbs and is 25.5 inches long - in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She's healthy and normal. She also got another round of immunizations, but is starting to get more accustomed to them - there were much fewer tears than the first time! Here are some comparison pictures to enjoy:
Left: Sora coming home from the hospital; Right: Sora at 6 months

Left: Sora at 1 month; Right: Sora at 6 months

At 6 months, Sora:
  • can sit up, as long as you place her somewhere, for quite a while.
  • can scoot backwards for about a foot before getting irate.
  • likes to play in the water.
  • likes to put toys in her mouth.
  • loves to grab hair and fingers, and then put them in her mouth.
  • likes to pick things up.
  • likes the way fabric feels in her fingers.
  • tries to hold her own bottle, and is sometimes successful in feeding herself.

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