Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eating at the Big Kid's Table

Today, on the way home from a wedding, Kyle's dad and wife stopped by to see Sora. After we visited for a while, we took them to one of our favorite restaurants that we knew they would love (and we were right!). This restaurant has little stands that hold car seats at the table, and we've been there two or three times with Sora already. Today though, we decided to try out the high chair and let Sora eat with us (although not our food, of course). We brought some yams for her to eat while we enjoyed salad, neapolitan pizza, and dessert. She also loved the live band and was mesmerized by the drummer. Overall, it was a huge hit, and we are looking forward to Sora eating with us at many more restaurants to come!

Dancing to the band

Enjoying her sippy cup full of water

The main course

All done!

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