Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pterodactyl Noises

Lately, Sora has been making Pterodactyl noises to let us know when she's hungry or tired. It's much more pleasant than her previous method of notifying us of her changing feelings by crying. It's also fun because she can be distracted for a few minutes once the crazy bird noises start which often gives me a chance to finish the dishes or clean up the house a tiny bit.

She is starting to realize that people are mobile and that she is not. She wants to crawl, but gets frustrated that she can't figure it out quite yet. She's very good at sitting by herself, but lately whenever she's around us and we're doing anything else (talking on the phone, reading, eating, etc), she launches herself toward the distracting object. It's great that she's learning more about the world around her, but it means we need to be more careful about what we're doing!

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