Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Yesterday my mom came down and took me and Sora shopping until we dropped! We went down to Southcenter, which as you may remember is my new favorite mall thanks to their family play/quiet/changing rooms, in addition to their great kids' stores. The biggest hit of the day was H&M where Sora and I both got quite a few new items. I also found the elusive perfect shoes that I was searching for.

Today, Kyle and I joined some other parents at the zoo to take advantage of the nice fall weather. Here are a few of the highlights:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some fantastic recent shots

Here are some cute recent shots.

Mobile Baby

Sora has been working so hard on moving, and she's been doing a great job! She can now sit up on her own, crawl a few feet and pull herself up to standing in her crib! It seems she's inconstant motion these days, as evidenced here:

Debra came over to watch Sora today while Kyle worked. It was great to see her - we went out to dinner last night to catch up. Here is Sora entertaining us at dinner:

We have a fun weekend planned, and are excited (and anxious) to see Sora's crawling skills increase in the next few weeks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 months and growing

Left: Sora at 1 month; Right: Sora at 7 months

Left: Sora coming home from the hospital; Right: Sora at 7 months

Left: Sora at 6 months; Right: Sora at 7 months

Sora is growing up so fast! Here are some of her current highlights:
  • She is eating 2 solid meals a day. So far she's enjoyed (or at least tolerated) brown rice, avocado, apricots, carrots, yams, green beans, and apples. Bananas didn't go as well.
  • She is rolling very easily and gets up on her hands and knees (or toes), but can't move forward quite yet.
  • She is very curious about the world around her and is mobile enough to get to what really interests her (which so far is anything that Kyle and I use regularly, including the computer and our coffee cups).
  • She is going to sleep around 8 and getting up around 6:30 and waking up 3-5 times a night.
  • She is taking two naps a day, with an occasional third nap.
  • She can easily sit by herself, but can't figure out how to get to sitting from any position.
  • She still loves her fingers and toes, and also loves a variety of other toys. Mostly she just puts them in her mouth.
  • She is starting to wave her arms to be picked up.
  • She loves to bang her arms and splash in the water.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Lake House: Take 2

To celebrate the end of summer, we went over to Lake Chelan to visit with Kyle's family. The last time we were there was right before my maternity leave ended, so it was definitely a different vacation this time! Kyle's sister and family were there too, so Sora got to play with her cousins. True to form, Sora had a great weekend and was a total performer.

The random excitement of the weekend is that Sora slept twice in her baby carrier. She hasn't done it since the 4th of July, and Kyle and I were sad that this phase had already passed. While she loves being in a carrier, she now cannot sleep in one. Until this weekend! On Sunday, after falling asleep at lunch, Kyle put her in the Moby and she happily slept for 20 minutes. Later that day, when we were out wine tasting and Kyle's parents and cousins were playing with Sora, Jenna got her to fall asleep in the carrier as well. We're hoping this is not the last of this snuggly sleep situation!
(I know it's hard to tell, but yes, she is asleep in there)

And here she is enjoying the local wildlife before her nap.

Now that she's older, she got to try some new things while we were there. She went into the pool for the first time! She starts baby swim lessons tomorrow, so it was a great prelude to take her into the pool three days in a row and have her absolutely LOVE it every time!

She also got to ride the swing all by herself:
She also had fun playing on the floor with cousin Dylan and Jenna. She is still working on crawling and hasn't had any forward motion yet. She is spending a ton of time on her tummy and is happily doing Downward Dog yoga poses.

One of my favorite things about our Lake Chelan vacations is that they will just continue to get more fun and exciting for Sora as she can do new things and her world will expand each time that we go there! It's also nice that as she gets older she will have the built in companion of cousin Dylan. Kyle and I both have vacation stories from our childhood with our grandparents, and I'm glad that Sora will have that experience as well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Butterfly

So, we've been busy actually doing things and have neglected to stop and blog about them. Last weekend was my family reunion where Sora got to meet many new family members. My cousin has a daughter, Aubri, who is 6 weeks younger than Sora, and we have a cousin, Zoe, who is 4 months younger than Sora, so all of the babies got to meet for the first time. Of course, I think that Sora stole the show, but I'm sure each mom thought that about their baby (and to be fair, since Sora is the oldest, she can do the most baby tricks). The highlight was when my grandma and her sister (both in their 70's) did handstands. I wanted to put the photographic evidence on the blog, but neither tucked their shirt in, so Kyle talked me out of it.

Here is Sora sharing toys with baby Aubri:
While Kyle was at work on Sunday, Sora and I played with my friends Kjerstin and then Willa. We packed a lot of chit chat, shopping, and walking into one day. Willa and I discovered a new fun local deliciousness which I had to take Kyle to the next night.
Finally, tonight we took Sora to the art museum, since it's (free) First Thursday. She was mildly interested in the art and very interested in the people. I thought she would love it since, as a newborn, she would always stare at the art in our living room. She has already grown out of that phase! It's hard to deal with, but she is growing up right before my eyes!
We're off to Chelan for the weekend, so fun pictures of Sora's first trip in the pool should be coming soon!