Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 months and growing

Left: Sora at 1 month; Right: Sora at 7 months

Left: Sora coming home from the hospital; Right: Sora at 7 months

Left: Sora at 6 months; Right: Sora at 7 months

Sora is growing up so fast! Here are some of her current highlights:
  • She is eating 2 solid meals a day. So far she's enjoyed (or at least tolerated) brown rice, avocado, apricots, carrots, yams, green beans, and apples. Bananas didn't go as well.
  • She is rolling very easily and gets up on her hands and knees (or toes), but can't move forward quite yet.
  • She is very curious about the world around her and is mobile enough to get to what really interests her (which so far is anything that Kyle and I use regularly, including the computer and our coffee cups).
  • She is going to sleep around 8 and getting up around 6:30 and waking up 3-5 times a night.
  • She is taking two naps a day, with an occasional third nap.
  • She can easily sit by herself, but can't figure out how to get to sitting from any position.
  • She still loves her fingers and toes, and also loves a variety of other toys. Mostly she just puts them in her mouth.
  • She is starting to wave her arms to be picked up.
  • She loves to bang her arms and splash in the water.

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