Monday, September 7, 2009

The Lake House: Take 2

To celebrate the end of summer, we went over to Lake Chelan to visit with Kyle's family. The last time we were there was right before my maternity leave ended, so it was definitely a different vacation this time! Kyle's sister and family were there too, so Sora got to play with her cousins. True to form, Sora had a great weekend and was a total performer.

The random excitement of the weekend is that Sora slept twice in her baby carrier. She hasn't done it since the 4th of July, and Kyle and I were sad that this phase had already passed. While she loves being in a carrier, she now cannot sleep in one. Until this weekend! On Sunday, after falling asleep at lunch, Kyle put her in the Moby and she happily slept for 20 minutes. Later that day, when we were out wine tasting and Kyle's parents and cousins were playing with Sora, Jenna got her to fall asleep in the carrier as well. We're hoping this is not the last of this snuggly sleep situation!
(I know it's hard to tell, but yes, she is asleep in there)

And here she is enjoying the local wildlife before her nap.

Now that she's older, she got to try some new things while we were there. She went into the pool for the first time! She starts baby swim lessons tomorrow, so it was a great prelude to take her into the pool three days in a row and have her absolutely LOVE it every time!

She also got to ride the swing all by herself:
She also had fun playing on the floor with cousin Dylan and Jenna. She is still working on crawling and hasn't had any forward motion yet. She is spending a ton of time on her tummy and is happily doing Downward Dog yoga poses.

One of my favorite things about our Lake Chelan vacations is that they will just continue to get more fun and exciting for Sora as she can do new things and her world will expand each time that we go there! It's also nice that as she gets older she will have the built in companion of cousin Dylan. Kyle and I both have vacation stories from our childhood with our grandparents, and I'm glad that Sora will have that experience as well.

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