Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Butterfly

So, we've been busy actually doing things and have neglected to stop and blog about them. Last weekend was my family reunion where Sora got to meet many new family members. My cousin has a daughter, Aubri, who is 6 weeks younger than Sora, and we have a cousin, Zoe, who is 4 months younger than Sora, so all of the babies got to meet for the first time. Of course, I think that Sora stole the show, but I'm sure each mom thought that about their baby (and to be fair, since Sora is the oldest, she can do the most baby tricks). The highlight was when my grandma and her sister (both in their 70's) did handstands. I wanted to put the photographic evidence on the blog, but neither tucked their shirt in, so Kyle talked me out of it.

Here is Sora sharing toys with baby Aubri:
While Kyle was at work on Sunday, Sora and I played with my friends Kjerstin and then Willa. We packed a lot of chit chat, shopping, and walking into one day. Willa and I discovered a new fun local deliciousness which I had to take Kyle to the next night.
Finally, tonight we took Sora to the art museum, since it's (free) First Thursday. She was mildly interested in the art and very interested in the people. I thought she would love it since, as a newborn, she would always stare at the art in our living room. She has already grown out of that phase! It's hard to deal with, but she is growing up right before my eyes!
We're off to Chelan for the weekend, so fun pictures of Sora's first trip in the pool should be coming soon!

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