Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations Kjerstin & Pat

This weekend, the team packed up and headed over to Eastern Washington for my old friend's wedding (she's not old, we've just been friends since college, so for me that's old). The wedding was totally different then the one we went to last weekend, but it was very beautiful and the bride and groom looked lovely (of course). Sora loved staying at Uncle Rick and Aunt Sue's house (and Kyle was mesmerized by their TV until he realized that it didn't show UW games).

Sora was a total party girl - she hung out with us at the rehearsal dinner, while we girls got our hair done in the morning, and of course during all of the dancing at the wedding. She did have to nap about half way through the celebration - but was in an amazing mood the entire time (everyone kept mentioning what a great baby she is, and they are right!).

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Anonymous said...

Deautiful Family shot. I love the hair Maleah. Looks like we have another dancing female in family.