Sunday, October 4, 2009

Congratulations Tasha & Cailen

(Tasha and Cailen - a preview of one of your wedding presents - I hope you open it before your honeymoon so you can wear them on the plane!).

Last night, we took Sora to Kyle's cousin's wedding. We have been waiting all fall for this event and it didn't disappoint. The only sad part was that we lost our battery charger, so I was too stingy on when the camera could be turned on and have no pictures of the actual wedding. You'll have to take my word on it - it was stylish, chic, and fun. Sora's favorite part was the personalized quiet box that each kid got (Sora chewed on the teething toy from her box the entire wedding ceremony), dancing with Kyle, and of course all the people watching.

It was great to see some of Kyle's relatives that we don't see very often, including a baby who is just a few weeks older than Sora. Sora loved playing with all the girls.

Kyle's favorite part was the food, free beer (the way to his heart truly is through his stomach), watching his cousin (pretty successfully) trying to convince him that her wedding was the coolest he had ever been to, and dancing with Sora.

It's hard to see how truly fancy our family got for the occasion, but we were looking nice.
We have another wedding next weekend, so hopefully Sora enjoys her self as much (and hopefully it's as much fun for the rest of Team McPherson as well).

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