Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween

Since Sora is only 8 months old and doesn't know what Halloween is, we aren't bothering with dressing her up this year (and probably not next year either - I don't want to torture her with all the candy that I wouldn't let her have anyway). However, thanks to Annie Ring, we do have a super cute Halloween outfit.
To show off Sora's cuteness, we decided to check out one of the nearby baby cafes. There are three or four of these cafes in our county (none in our city surprisingly) that offer a play area for crawlers - kindergardeners and an adult area to drink coffee. Most charge an hourly fee, in addition to the drinks, and are closed on Sunday. The one we went to was the only one open on Sunday, and was free (other than the drinks and cookies, which were delicious). Sora loved it, and, other than trying to overtake another baby who was doing some tummy time nearby, it was a raving success! We're excited to try more baby cafes!

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Jeannette said...

I'm so glad the Halloween outfit actually fit on Halloween! She's looking so cute these days, wish we lived closer so we could see all her cuteness in person!