Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Harvest

I decided that we should have an annual "Harvest Fest" with my parents in Bellingham. So, we took Sora to the biggest fall farm in town (there are really only 2, so there isn't a lot of competition). We ran into some people that we knew, which was a fun surprise! Sora loved all of the pumpkins, had fun getting lost in the corn maze, and enjoyed all of the farm animals. Kyle got too close to the rabbits and had the fun surprise of a rabbit peeing on his hand! It was definitely a successful day, and next year will be even more fun!
Sora's grandpa is into horses, so he was excited for her to practice sitting on a saddle. She held on like a real cowgirl, and he's hoping to find a little helmet so that she can enjoy a real horse soon (but not too soon).

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