Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 months and counting!

Sora is turning into such a big kiddo! She's nearly a toddler - it really has gone by too fast! Over the past few weeks, she has perfected her cruising (but no free standing yet), learned to feed herself and now no longer eats any purees, started becoming more verbal and understanding games that we play (like follow the leader), has continued in her terrible sleep habits, and has grown even more adorable (like that's possible)! We are having some issues with her afternoon nap being at the wrong time and messing up our evening, so we've been playing a lot at home lately rather than going anywhere exciting (plus, it's an arctic blast outside).

The holidays are in full swing at Team McPherson. We bought our first tree at Ikea. I made us each an ornament - my mom had a tradition that everyone had a theme and got a new ornament in their theme each year. Sora's theme, of course, is owls; Kyle's is sports; and mine is crafting. I had fun making our first ornaments and our tree actually looks kind of cute (for being made of Ikea and DollarTree).

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Willa said...

Your tree looks great! I would love to see The ornaments you made sometime.