Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

I had to work last night until midnight (which meant that I got to see the fireworks shooting out of the Space Needle in my rear view mirror as I sped off at 12:01 a.m. to beat traffic), so I didn't get to do the year in review and decade in review posts that I had wanted to! Enjoy!

We started the year with had two showers for Sora and Maleah was busy nesting. Being super pregnant looks like hard work!

In February, Sora Grey was born. The highlight of the year, really.
In March, we took Sora for her first overnight trip to Ellensburg.
April was when the snow finally stopped and we made and planted our new garden.
In May, Maleah went back to work, giving the grandmas and Kyle more of an opportunity to take care of Sora.

June found us going on fun local adventures with our happy baby.
There was a heat wave in July, so we went to the San Juans to cool off. Sora was in her first parade, and we also watched a few as well!

August was Sora's First Food party. She "enjoyed" avocado.

In September, Sora started crawling and swimming (or at least swim lessons).
October found us at our first annual Team McPherson harvestfest.
November was Sora's first Thanksgiving - she LOVES turkey!

And, December has given us Sora's first Christmas and present-opening experiences.

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Don & DeeEtta said...

Love your year in review. Thanks!