Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

Sora survived all of the holiday parties like the true socialite she is.

We started off with a party with her baby group. It was the first time she got to wear her fancy dress, and although she was a little overdressed (ready for baby prom), she looked adorable. It was also the first time she opened a present. We had a gift exchange for the 7 babies. We set all of the wrapped presents on the floor and let the babies have at them! She chose the largest present (good taste) and then tried to lick the wrapping paper off. She liked the paper and ribbon more than the presents, but is having fun with her little corn popper.
We had Christmas Eve at our house, which went really well. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece, as well as Kyle's dad and Debra and son-in-law, made our home full, but dinner went well and Sora had fun with all of the grandparents and cousin. Kylie came last year for Christmas, but had never met Sora before and was so sweet and gentle. At one point, Kylie accidentally dropped a box on Sora's head and Sora started crying. It was an accident, and Sora was fine, but poor Kylie was so upset to see that she accidentally hurt baby Sora. It was sweet to see how much she loved her! She kept saying "I miss you baby Sora".

On Christmas morning, Santa left a present for Kylie and Sora under the tree and stockings for everyone! We rushed off for Christmas at Kyle's sister's house to spend it with her family and Grandma and Granpa Barneycastle.. Sora had fun playing with Dylan and keeping up with all of the excitement.

Overall, it was an amazing first holiday for Sora. I'm already planning for next year! Yesterday we went to the Apple store (and now our computer is finally completely fixed), and while we were at the mall, I stopped and bought a holiday dress for Sora for next year. Look forward to seeing her in toddler prom gear next December!

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