Friday, January 8, 2010

11 months

Sora is just one short month away from being 1!
  • She is now fully teething and has one tooth JUST above her gum.
  • She is eating everything she can get her hands on, and loves salmon, tofu, broccoli, and pretty much anything else she gets to eat. She does not like food very warm, and is not a fan of mango.
  • She is eating 3 meals a day, and we're just starting to give her an afternoon snack. She gets very hungry in the afternoon and loves to play with her food in her high chair. She tries to drop some on the floor so she can have it later, but Kyle and I are pretty diligent about sweeping up after her.
  • She loves to put things in her mouth, but also likes to play games (peek-a-boo, feeding daddy, follow the leader, Sora Detective, etc).
  • She can stand up by herself for 30 seconds at a time, and has taken her first step!
  • She sleeps really well for Mimi during the day, but not so well at night (or for us when we're at home with her). She's still taking 2 naps per day (for the most part).
  • She loves watching other kids and is having more fun now on play dates. The only problem now is that she likes to take toys that other kids are using (why wouldn't she - they're showing her how fun the toy is!). She doesn't understand the concept of ownership, so we're not pushing this one too hard. Luckily she is also at a stage where any toy will do, so we can easily swap out toys and she doesn't mind.

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