Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Girl and Her Doll

(or how Sora already doesn't appreciate her mother)

So, during my spare moments, I've lately been obsessed with crafting. I've been trying to figure out how to craft my heart out while not ignoring my poor daughter. And of course, she does not yet appreciate my hard work.

For Christmas, I made her an amazing tag monster (look at how scary he is). Sora is uninterested.
Just for fun, I made her a doll that matches her dress (that matches my shirt). Again, uninterested.
I have some fun crafts planned for her birthday next month, and for next Christmas already. Hopefully at some point she'll enjoy my hard work!

I also had time (when Sora was sleeping) to make a onsie for Baby Jace 2.0 (our friends Jace and Jess just found out they're having a boy!).
In other news, Sora is still teething and a little unhappy about it. She's still cruising around the furniture and is standing up for more and more seconds each day. She took her first step today towards the couch. Nowhere near actually walking, but one step closer!

She's also becoming much more playful. Here she is playing eat the carrot with daddy!

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