Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle

Kyle is finally the big 3-2. Congrats Kyle! It's been a great year, and I hope the next year holds a lot of amazing things for you. Think about where you were a year ago, just turning 31 and still carefree and going to Uber on a moment's notice. Things are definitely different for you now, but hopefully in an amazing way.

For Kyle's birthday, our friend Tory watched Sora while we went out to sushi and Uber. Kyle was so excited he couldn't decide on a restaurant and he finally chose in the car on our way out of the driveway. It was delicious and nice to have an adults only dinner for a change (but of course I thought about Sora the whole time).

Thanks again Tory!

(and in another inspiration of craftiness, the shirt Kyle is wearing in the photo is one that I made for him for his birthday)

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Don & DeeEtta said...

Such a crafty daughter! Love it.