Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Adventure

Kyle, Sora and I took advantage of a free morning by exploring some nearby neighborhoods. We drove out to Mercer Island, but Sora fell asleep, so we just drove by all of the fancy houses and chose where we were going to retire. We were surprised at how wooded and nature-filled it was! We were also surprised at how few places there seemed to be to go window shopping.

So, to fill our window-shopping desire, we headed out to West Seattle. Sora woke up and joined in on the fun by being carried and also by walking a fair bit. It's a good thing she wore hard-bottomed shoes since the ground was so wet! Kyle and I enjoyed a cupcake and coffee, and Sora had fun playing with all of the toys at the toy store and a consignment store (you know how much I heart consignment stores!).

Sora's eyeing that cupcake pretty seriously... she's a strong girl to wait until her birthday to have one!

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