Sunday, February 28, 2010

MMMM....... Blueberries

Princess of Puyallup

So on Saturday the Team McPherson clan found ourselves in Puyallup. Maleah and grandma Barneycastle were going to an expo at the fair grounds. That left Sora to be spending the day with dad and grandpa. We had a ton of fun walking around a really cool park and going on a nice stroll on this trail along the river. Sora got to finish up a great day by going to the city library which is amazing and has a great kids section.

Taking a break on the river walk. Sora was a big fan of sitting down and checking out the scenery.
Sora is rocking the flower that grandpa found for her. So Cute.
Sora spent a good portion of the day napping while dad and grandpa explored the outer reaches of the area by car.
Grandpa was lucky enough to get to hold Sora for short little bursts on the walk before she wanted down or needed to be held by dad. She is getting more comfortable being held by other people but she is still working on it.
So cute playing in the park while modeling one of her mom's hand made sweaters. Thanks again to grandma and grandpa B, we had a great time.

Mission to Mars

The Mars exhibit at Pacific Science Center opened at the end of January, and I finally convinced Kyle and Sora to come to Mars with me. Here's Kyle seeing how he would fare with all that spinning up in space:
It was also Polar Science Weekend, so Sora got to play with her first snowmobile and see some real Polar scientists. We tried to get some igloo pictures, but Sora was too fast (and not interested in dark places).

There was also a toddler maze that Sora hadn't explored yet. We took bets going in as to wether Sora would like it, and I won - she loved it. Although, to be fair, I had seen the maze before and Kyle hadn't, so I had the advantage in the bet.

We are back on Earth now and have decided not to actually go to Mars in the near future (although if I had gone when I was pregnant and had given birth to Sora on Mars, she would officially have been a Martian)!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party Girl

So in case you have been living under a rock lately Sora has recently turned 1. The party seems to never stop. We had another celebration of this amazing event this weekend. We had a large shared birthday party with all of the babies in our parent group. All of the kids turn one some time this month. We rented the toddler room at the Mountlake Terrace Recreation Plaza. IT was basically a big room full of cool toys and a huge ball pit. Sora was of course a big active player with everything. Here are some fun pictures from the party.

The ball pit was basically quicksand for the kids. The harder they struggled the faster they sank.
So apparently Sora has chosen her first boyfriend. She was giving him all kinds of hugs. I made sure to ask him what his intentions with my daughter were. Amazingly this kid is younger than Sora even though he is nearly twice as big.

My little chef loved pretend cooking in the playhouse kitchen. She takes after father in that way.

Sora got to eat a real (has sugar in it) cupcake for the first time. Much to her mother's pleasure she really did not seem to like it. Either that or she simply is like her mother in not wanting to ever be messy in public. She was of course the cutest baby there and we are not biased at all.

An Edmonds Kind of Day

It is so gorgeous out today, that this morning I looked at Kyle and said "It's an Edmonds kind of day". But, since Shoreline is a lot closer, we thought that it might make a decent substitution. And, we were right!

We headed to a park we'd never been to before that was on the waterfront, and it fit our needs perfectly. The view was beautiful - we could see the Olympic mountains and even a ferry (how very quintessentially Washington)!

Sora had fun picking up rocks and playing with them. The only downside to this game is that they eventually ended up in her mouth, which meant that I had to take them out. But, this was the start of a whole new round of rock picking up, so I guess it might have been an up-side to Sora!

The park was also a dog off leash area, so there were a ton of dogs there. In the past, Sora has been pretty easily frightened by larger dogs (she's used to smaller ones thanks to Mimi), but today, she was very curious about dogs of all sizes and shapes. I'm glad that she's not scared of them, but I don't want her to like dogs TOO much - I'm busy enough with a kid - I don't want to have to add any pets to the mix!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Radio Flyer in style

So for her birthday Sora got two different products from Radio Flyer. She first got an amazing race car. She loves playing on it and has done a ton of laps in the driveway. Then she got a red wagon. These wagons have come a long way since my days of the old metal wagon. Her wagon has back rests and drink holders. Anyway she loves to be out and moving. Here are some great pictures of her enjoying these fabulous toys.

Miss Independent

Sora has gone from walking with much trepidation a few weeks ago to full on power walking! She now only wants to walk and hardly ever crawls. She's a whirlwind and the energy level in our house has increased drastically. She also has gone from getting into things that she is fine playing with to discovering the things that we are trying to keep her away from. Until recently, although she preferred things that were forbidden (and new), you could take an object from her and replace it with something else or move her from a "dangerous" zone to a safer zone without Sora really noticing. Now, she notices. A lot. Although her wining is short lived, I fear this is the tip of the wining iceberg. In addition to walking, she has also started being able to easily climb stairs. Last night, we went to visit Debra before her flight to Florida and Sora climbed and entire flight of stairs (from floor 1 to floor 2) all by herself! And, of course, now that she's one, she has been eating like a princess. She tried pho, pizza, and pulled pork last week and has had strawberries and tomatoes this week. So far, she likes most things that Kyle and I like. She wasn't a fan of kiwis, but other than that, most things find their way into her mouth!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just in case you aren't tired of all of my craftiness yet...

Here's Sora's early Valentine's present from me:

She's already practicing her modeling skills! Thanks to Grandma Debi for the scrap fabric, all I had to buy was the buttons and thread. It's still a little big, but now that she's walking, look for more dresses and skirts to come!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday for a Princess

Sora's first birthday party was a raving success! When she wasn't being bothered with her awful cold or the terrible fall she took mid-party (you can see the cut by her eye - poor kiddo!), she was busy wowing the crowd with her amazing walking skills and other adorableness.
Thanks again to Sora's grandparents, great-grandmas, uncle, aunt, cousins, and friends who came to celebrate. We had a very full house (although we wish we could have invited more people to join in on the fun - but Sora seemed a little overwhelmed as it was, so maybe it's not a terrible thing that we live in such a tiny place)! She loved all of her toys and has been pushing things around and putting new things in her mouth ever since.

I painstakingly knit this crown for Sora out of crepe paper, and she kept it on for almost a full minute. Hopefully next year it will last a little longer!

In true Maleah fashion, I made a cupcake (complete with frosting) for Sora that had no sugar. Here she is examining a piece.

And after a few timid bites, she shoved the rest of it in her mouth. It was pretty delicious! The "adult" cupcakes were much cuter (although I tasted one of Sora's and it was pretty stinking good) and there was a unifying "uno" theme (although a pretty loose one - I didn't go too crazy!).

Hopefully the birthday fun will kick off a wonderful second year of life for Sora. I know that this year will be a big one with a lot of new fun developments. I'm not sure if my "child-proofed" kitchen can take any more of Sora's big advancements, but Kyle and I say "bring it on!"

12 Month Check Stats

Sora had her 12 mo. well visit to the doctor earlier today. She is a tiny kiddo, and according to the doctor is given the a-okay to eat any and almost all things super fatty. I wish my doctor would tell me that! She weighed in at 18 lbs 13.8 oz (10th percentile) and is 28.75" tall (50th percentile). She is starting to fall down on the weight chart the doctor uses (she was 50% at her 6 mo and 25% at her 9 mo), but there are a lot of different charts out there, so after I looked one up that the World Health Organization uses that is just for breastfed babies, I felt a little better (on their chart, she is much closer to 40%).

The past month has brought us full on into toddler-hood. She can now:
  • walk without assistance across rooms, pivot and turn without falling down.
  • She likes to play games and can pull the blanket if you try to play hide and seek.
  • She likes to eat a huge variety of food and loves bread.
  • She thinks it's fun to see food drop on the floor and doesn't think she needs to chew or swallow before adding more food to her mouth.
  • She likes to put things inside of containers so that she can then take them right back out.
  • She just started turning pages in books, but is too impatient to wait for you to read them first.
  • She likes to take toys from other kids (they make them look like so much fun!), but we're keeping an eye on this one.
  • She does things to see how people around her will react and is a little scientist in the making with all of her experiments with gravity and projectiles.
  • She is finally in her next car seat (although she doesn't really need to be), but we are still using the infant car seat occasionally.
  • She's not an amazing sleeper yet, but is going to bed more consistently at 7:45-8:00.
  • She is a ton of fun and loves to laugh and smile and babble and say "mamamamama" and "dadadadada", but we aren't sure she knows what they mean quite yet. Now that she's mastered walking, we're hoping she will turn her attention to communication!

Dancing with Dad

So last weekend my work put on their annual father and daughter dance up in Mount Vernon. I was excited this year to take Sora. So we got our fancy clothes on and went out to eat and then went dancing. We had some fun times getting our picture taken and having punch. It was fun although Sora was starting to feel a bit sick so she did not have as much fun as I am sure she will next year. She was the only little baby at the dance and so she was the cutest by far. Thank you to the wonderful ladies who made this a great event for Sora and I.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Birthday

Dear Sora,

I can't believe you are already one year old! It really does seem like just a few days ago we brought you home from the hospital. The last twelve months have been a whirlwind, just like you! It's fun to see your personality shine through in all that you do. You are definitely your parent's daughter. You are such a funny girl - you have the dramatics of your father and the independence of your mother. I love watching you figure out things for yourself. It makes me proud every time you do even the little things because you're so proud of what you can do. You have a beautiful smile and you melt my heart with your happiness and sadness. Over the past month, you have figured out how to walk which is marking the end of your "baby" days. While you will always be my baby girl, I am exited to see what toddler-hood brings you and to hear you talking and see you playing and all of the other fun things that you will do in the next year.

I love you.


PS: We somehow managed to get through an entire first birthday without taking a single picture! If you have some, please send them to us so we can do a proper birthday party post!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Trial and Error

Now that I have a baby to craft for, I have been obsessed with what my next project will be. Thanks to my grandma and mother-in-law enabling me, I have recently become consumed with sewing. I'm too impatient (and cheap) to follow a pattern, so all the clothes I have made have either been from free online patterns or (mostly) from using her current clothes as a pattern. With this, there has been a big learning curve.

I tried making shoes for Sora out of some vinyl I had lying around (we lost my favorite pair, so I felt totally justified). After some prototypes, I finally made some that fit:
Then I realized why people don't make shoes out of vinyl after she wore them for one hour and her little feet were soaking with sweat (and she's not really a sweaty-feet kind of kid).

Here is a shirt that I made for Sora (out of an old shirt of mine from high school):
Cute, but as you can see, the "lap t-shirt" neckline I was going for is a little too boat like.

Next, I made pants for Sora out of some of my old pants, complete with drawstring waist:
Super cute when she's standing and wearing a long top. But when she's crawling, well....

I think you see the problem.

The next pants are from an old t-shirt of mine (it was my favorite in California... it says "no where else but California")... I learned from the first pants and these, while still a little low-rise, fit much better:
I made an outfit for Sora's birthday, learning from past mistakes, but I am waiting until Sunday for it to debut, but for now, this is my pièce de résistance:
I broke down and actually bought fabric for this coat, since I didn't have any coats to deconstruct. It's fully lined in minky fabric (that uber soft baby stuff). The hood is purely decorative and is way too small, but other than that, it's perfect!