Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss Independent

Sora has gone from walking with much trepidation a few weeks ago to full on power walking! She now only wants to walk and hardly ever crawls. She's a whirlwind and the energy level in our house has increased drastically. She also has gone from getting into things that she is fine playing with to discovering the things that we are trying to keep her away from. Until recently, although she preferred things that were forbidden (and new), you could take an object from her and replace it with something else or move her from a "dangerous" zone to a safer zone without Sora really noticing. Now, she notices. A lot. Although her wining is short lived, I fear this is the tip of the wining iceberg. In addition to walking, she has also started being able to easily climb stairs. Last night, we went to visit Debra before her flight to Florida and Sora climbed and entire flight of stairs (from floor 1 to floor 2) all by herself! And, of course, now that she's one, she has been eating like a princess. She tried pho, pizza, and pulled pork last week and has had strawberries and tomatoes this week. So far, she likes most things that Kyle and I like. She wasn't a fan of kiwis, but other than that, most things find their way into her mouth!

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