Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mission to Mars

The Mars exhibit at Pacific Science Center opened at the end of January, and I finally convinced Kyle and Sora to come to Mars with me. Here's Kyle seeing how he would fare with all that spinning up in space:
It was also Polar Science Weekend, so Sora got to play with her first snowmobile and see some real Polar scientists. We tried to get some igloo pictures, but Sora was too fast (and not interested in dark places).

There was also a toddler maze that Sora hadn't explored yet. We took bets going in as to wether Sora would like it, and I won - she loved it. Although, to be fair, I had seen the maze before and Kyle hadn't, so I had the advantage in the bet.

We are back on Earth now and have decided not to actually go to Mars in the near future (although if I had gone when I was pregnant and had given birth to Sora on Mars, she would officially have been a Martian)!

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