Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party Girl

So in case you have been living under a rock lately Sora has recently turned 1. The party seems to never stop. We had another celebration of this amazing event this weekend. We had a large shared birthday party with all of the babies in our parent group. All of the kids turn one some time this month. We rented the toddler room at the Mountlake Terrace Recreation Plaza. IT was basically a big room full of cool toys and a huge ball pit. Sora was of course a big active player with everything. Here are some fun pictures from the party.

The ball pit was basically quicksand for the kids. The harder they struggled the faster they sank.
So apparently Sora has chosen her first boyfriend. She was giving him all kinds of hugs. I made sure to ask him what his intentions with my daughter were. Amazingly this kid is younger than Sora even though he is nearly twice as big.

My little chef loved pretend cooking in the playhouse kitchen. She takes after father in that way.

Sora got to eat a real (has sugar in it) cupcake for the first time. Much to her mother's pleasure she really did not seem to like it. Either that or she simply is like her mother in not wanting to ever be messy in public. She was of course the cutest baby there and we are not biased at all.

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