Sunday, February 28, 2010

Princess of Puyallup

So on Saturday the Team McPherson clan found ourselves in Puyallup. Maleah and grandma Barneycastle were going to an expo at the fair grounds. That left Sora to be spending the day with dad and grandpa. We had a ton of fun walking around a really cool park and going on a nice stroll on this trail along the river. Sora got to finish up a great day by going to the city library which is amazing and has a great kids section.

Taking a break on the river walk. Sora was a big fan of sitting down and checking out the scenery.
Sora is rocking the flower that grandpa found for her. So Cute.
Sora spent a good portion of the day napping while dad and grandpa explored the outer reaches of the area by car.
Grandpa was lucky enough to get to hold Sora for short little bursts on the walk before she wanted down or needed to be held by dad. She is getting more comfortable being held by other people but she is still working on it.
So cute playing in the park while modeling one of her mom's hand made sweaters. Thanks again to grandma and grandpa B, we had a great time.

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