Friday, February 5, 2010

Trial and Error

Now that I have a baby to craft for, I have been obsessed with what my next project will be. Thanks to my grandma and mother-in-law enabling me, I have recently become consumed with sewing. I'm too impatient (and cheap) to follow a pattern, so all the clothes I have made have either been from free online patterns or (mostly) from using her current clothes as a pattern. With this, there has been a big learning curve.

I tried making shoes for Sora out of some vinyl I had lying around (we lost my favorite pair, so I felt totally justified). After some prototypes, I finally made some that fit:
Then I realized why people don't make shoes out of vinyl after she wore them for one hour and her little feet were soaking with sweat (and she's not really a sweaty-feet kind of kid).

Here is a shirt that I made for Sora (out of an old shirt of mine from high school):
Cute, but as you can see, the "lap t-shirt" neckline I was going for is a little too boat like.

Next, I made pants for Sora out of some of my old pants, complete with drawstring waist:
Super cute when she's standing and wearing a long top. But when she's crawling, well....

I think you see the problem.

The next pants are from an old t-shirt of mine (it was my favorite in California... it says "no where else but California")... I learned from the first pants and these, while still a little low-rise, fit much better:
I made an outfit for Sora's birthday, learning from past mistakes, but I am waiting until Sunday for it to debut, but for now, this is my pièce de résistance:
I broke down and actually bought fabric for this coat, since I didn't have any coats to deconstruct. It's fully lined in minky fabric (that uber soft baby stuff). The hood is purely decorative and is way too small, but other than that, it's perfect!


Don & DeeEtta said...

Miss crafty!! I love the jacket.

Debi said...

great job Maleah. The tan pants kind of look like how Kyle wears his. Ha just kidding.