Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sora's First Sushi

Kyle and I finally took Sora to enjoy her first sushi. She's been to sushi restaurants before, but has never gotten to eat off the menu. Today, she tried an avocado roll and some inari (stuffed tofu pouches - they're sweet and delicious). She was just okay on the whole thing.

We went to Sushi Tengo, which is a new place by our house. It's a rotating sushi bar, which we usually avoid, but thought that Sora might like it more. Since she didn't really seem to notice the rotating sushi as much as I thought she would, I think we'll stick to our favorite sushi restaurants for future sushi outings (that don't involve a conveyor belt).

Crafty Mama

Although I realize this isn't a crafting blog, I have to show off my latest creations to some audience who will at least pretend to care (other than Kyle and Sora).

So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite new crafting adventures:

My very first quilt! I made this for our friends who are due with their first (a boy) in May. Her shower was this weekend, so I can finally post this on my blog!

Lined wet-bags for Sora's diapers when she's at her sitter's. They have zippers and everything. I picked out one fabric (the fun one with octopus) and Kyle picked out the cute owls.

Sora's first knit dress. I have been working on this for months. It took way longer than I thought it would, mostly because the skirt was really boring to knit! I got the yarn for it a long time ago from my favorite yarn store in Ellensburg and I only paid $3 for all the yarn I needed!
Look for another installment in my random crafty obsessions in the future.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obsessions Collide

I have finally found a way to combine my love of knitting, love of cloth diapers, and my love for Sora into these cute knit wool soakers:

Okay, they're a little too big for now, so I'm working on some smaller ones, but it's a great way to increase my collection of diaper covers without actually having to buy anything. It also keeps me busy knitting on the bus during my commute to work without having to buy any more yarn. It's really a win for everyone (and look at how cute Sora looks in them)!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect Monday

I stayed home today to play with Sora since Kyle had to work extra this week. It has been such an amazing day so far that I had to share! We played happily at home this morning, then took a bus to Cafe O Play for a meet up with some other babies and mommies. We've been there before, but this time, we just played in the back room with the kids from our meet up (which is good because it was super crowded out there!). Sora had fun and was a funny, happy baby even when older kids tried to take her toys or hit her. One older girl seemed to have it out for Sora, but Sora took it all in stride. We took the bus home and Sora just went down for her nap. Not one tear all day (so far)! Those days are the best!

In other happy news, Sora also LOVED the aquarium yesterday. Again, no pictures, but she had fun chasing after the other babies we went with and loved climbing all over everything. I'm sure she only saw about half of the animal, but she seemed to enjoy what she did see and even got to touch her first starfish!

I'm so happy that my fun, go-anywhere baby is back and the temperamental teething baby is gone (at least for the time being). Days like today remind me why it's so great to be a mom!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

In my family, the first day of spring was always a big holiday. In the morning, there would always be a small, but VERY thoughtful present waiting when I woke up. There would be a lot of hype before the day as well. I've always cherished my first day of spring presents more than any other holidays. A few years ago (okay, maybe when I was in college - it's been a long time!), my mom bought me a fun spring umbrella. You might recognize my umbrella from previous posts such as this.

My umbrella broke a month ago and I've been heart broken ever since. Mom bought me a new umbrella this year for the first day of spring, but I haven't received it yet. So, for Sora's "real" first day of spring (the first one with a present from me), I took my sad old umbrella and turned it into a rain jacket. It's adorable, but I'm not sure what she thinks of the swishing noises that rain jackets make.
The hood is more appropriately sized than the last jacket I made her, but it's still just a tiny bit too small. It's a good thing that the rainy season is mostly over anyway. Oh, and in case you can't tell, I lined it with some light tan twill, which you will see more of in a future post.

She looked adorable in her spring outfit from my mom as well (of course).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life is a Roller Coaster

Sora is such a roller coaster of emotions lately! She's no longer sick and was temporarily distracted from her teething crankiness by two sets of grandparents over the weekend. Both grandmas were able to get Sora to laugh and laugh and both she warmed up to both grandpas before their trips were over. When the grandmas were leaving, Sora was giving them more hugs and kisses than me! It was very cute, but of course, we were so busy having fun that I don't seem to have any pictures from either trip.

She seems happiest outside, and now that spring is here, she and Kyle have been spending a lot of time enjoying our yard. Kyle even mowed yesterday, so now our yard now will be a less "wild" place for her to explore.

And a childcare update: Sora has started going to her new "friend"'s house while her normal sitter recovers from surgery. It seems like she's enjoying it so far and it's cute that she gets to have a little 8 mo. old baby to play with.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Tough to be a Baby

Sora is sick. Nobody is happy about it. She's had diarrhea off and on for 3 days and seems to be burning up. Her two top front teeth seem just about to burst through the gum line, so hopefully that's the reason for her sickness lately. She only has 2 teeth so far, so we have a lot of teething left to go. Hopefully it's not all this painful (on any of us).

To make matters worse, Mimi, the surrogate grandma who watches Sora 3 days a week is having surgery next week and Sora is going to start going over to play with an 8 month old boy (Diesel) and his mom instead. I know how much Sora loves Mimi and how much she hates new situations, so I am very anxious for her. She starts next Tuesday, so I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

For good news, Sora went for a weight check yesterday at our doctor's request. Sora went from the 50th percentile, down to the 10th percentile in weight for her age, so our doctor was a little concerned. Yesterday she weighed in at 19 lbs 7.2 oz. For a 13 month old girl, that puts her at the 20th percentile, so she's slowly climbing back up the scale and our doctor is no longer concerned about her weight. Yeah!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fatherhood Just Never Stops Rocking Part Ten

So lately Sora has been a ball of emotions. She has been quick to get upset and quick to love new games. She giggles more and screams more and cries more. It has been an adventure to be her parents. Here are some recent fun pics of our star player in all her action.

We were so happy to get invited over to our great friends Nick and Willa's house for dinner the other night. They just bought this beautiful house in south Seattle. Sora had so much fun chasing Nick around the kitchen. Overall we had fun and we appreciate having such great friends who are sharing our baby girl's life with us.

Sora is helping dad clean the bedroom.
One of her many okay I am upset and I don't know why moments.

Sora has decided that she is tailor. She has been walking all over the house with mom's measuring tape taking measurements and sizing up future crafty projects.
She is still developing her eating manners. Here is a display of the McPherson eating gene.

A Seattle Girl

So this last weekend Team McPherson decided to embrace our Seattle-ite roots and take Sora down to the market. She was a squirmy and active little lady who was tough to get a good pic of but here are some of the high lights. Enjoy and we love you all.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nature Girl

Now that Sora is walking more and spending less time on the ground, and now that it's spring time in Seattle, we've been spending a lot more time outside. It's been challenging to my innate sense of cleanliness, but Sora loves it!

Sora has gotten to roam around Kyle's work a few times lately and loves it! She's going to follow after her mom and dad and be into recreation (or at least for now).

She loves to pick up sticks and rocks and has been relatively good about not putting them in her mouth.

Here she is running down our driveway. She's been practicing this lately and has gotten pretty good at it!

This plant seems to be her favorite plant in our yard. Who can blame her - just look at those flowers!

Last summer, Sora was still immobile, so now that it's warm out, a whole new world is opening up to her (and us)!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

Sora has recently started really giving good hugs and kisses to me and Kyle. When she gives a good hug, she puts both arm around you and pats your back. When she gives kisses, she gets a silly grin on her face and kind of leans in towards you. It's so sweet! I love her affection. Last night, she made a game of giving love to daddy, then coming and giving love to mommy, and back and forth. It made us both laugh and melt!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

We went to the zoo for a short trip yesterday. Sora had never been in the Zoomazium and neither had I so it was a fun exploration. It's a super cute (but crowded) play area that was interactive and fun.

It's hard to see here, but Sora is carrying a stick. Lately she's been really into picking up rocks and sticks and other things off the ground. She's been pretty good about not immediately eating them too, so she gets to actually hold on to them for a while (because as soon as they go near her mouth, I take them away).

Of course, Sora's favorite part was watching and following all of the other kids. We managed to also see the penguins and the nocturnal house before we left so Sora could have a nap. The nocturnal house is closed as of tomorrow, so it was our last chance to see it ever! I will miss it, but judging by Sora's reaction today, she will not. The only negatives of the trip was that we were supposed to meet some new friends for a playdate that didn't end up working out AND Sora's nap ended up being over 2.5 hours, so we didn't get to go back in the afternoon like I had planned. It's a good thing we live so close!