Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fatherhood Just Never Stops Rocking Part Ten

So lately Sora has been a ball of emotions. She has been quick to get upset and quick to love new games. She giggles more and screams more and cries more. It has been an adventure to be her parents. Here are some recent fun pics of our star player in all her action.

We were so happy to get invited over to our great friends Nick and Willa's house for dinner the other night. They just bought this beautiful house in south Seattle. Sora had so much fun chasing Nick around the kitchen. Overall we had fun and we appreciate having such great friends who are sharing our baby girl's life with us.

Sora is helping dad clean the bedroom.
One of her many okay I am upset and I don't know why moments.

Sora has decided that she is tailor. She has been walking all over the house with mom's measuring tape taking measurements and sizing up future crafty projects.
She is still developing her eating manners. Here is a display of the McPherson eating gene.

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