Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

In my family, the first day of spring was always a big holiday. In the morning, there would always be a small, but VERY thoughtful present waiting when I woke up. There would be a lot of hype before the day as well. I've always cherished my first day of spring presents more than any other holidays. A few years ago (okay, maybe when I was in college - it's been a long time!), my mom bought me a fun spring umbrella. You might recognize my umbrella from previous posts such as this.

My umbrella broke a month ago and I've been heart broken ever since. Mom bought me a new umbrella this year for the first day of spring, but I haven't received it yet. So, for Sora's "real" first day of spring (the first one with a present from me), I took my sad old umbrella and turned it into a rain jacket. It's adorable, but I'm not sure what she thinks of the swishing noises that rain jackets make.
The hood is more appropriately sized than the last jacket I made her, but it's still just a tiny bit too small. It's a good thing that the rainy season is mostly over anyway. Oh, and in case you can't tell, I lined it with some light tan twill, which you will see more of in a future post.

She looked adorable in her spring outfit from my mom as well (of course).

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